Can you recommend literature explaining the role of the NGOs in rural development?


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  • M.Adeel Kamran · Allama Iqbal Open University
    I also want to study this topic!!!
  • Prakash Patil · Gulbarga University
    NGO s are west body in india its only earn the money by the way of blaming good NGO officels
  • M.Adeel Kamran · Allama Iqbal Open University
    Not only India but also all the developing countries have the problems of this sort,but we cant blame all the NGO, implantation is the main thing which decides things going rite or wrong!!!!!!
  • Prakash Patil · Gulbarga University
    Implimentation is right thing its batter way to forther planning
  • Bill Miller · University of Georgia
    See an excellent result in
  • Journal of Rural Development published by the National Institute of RUral Development carries excellent articles on the issues of various agencies in rural development. In some cases, articles are available in the Asian Economic Review. The Economic and Political Weekly had earlier covered topics related to the subject. You may also refer some of the Sociology/Social work related journals for getting some research work in the area of your interest.
  • Check this out, maybe it will help you too
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  • Bill Miller · University of Georgia
    NGO must have development funds. Otherwise, you will be disappointed in the results.
  • Sumedh Patil · Tata Institute of Social Sciences
    The Role of NGO is politicized and ideological based, you may visit Funding Autonomus bodies for the Rural Development. e.g. CAPART Web Site.
  • preeti nauriyal Mamgain · zonal project directorate
    The NGO ARE running the Krishi Vigyan Kendras in India and these are totally funded by the Ministry of Agriculture. These are working in the rural areas in upliftment of farmers, farm women and rural youth by giving them skill development training in the area of agriculture, new varieties are introduced in the district through front line demonstration and on farm trials are conducted for the benefit of farmes and many NGO in our country are running the successful KVKs
  • Tharanga Rupasinghe · Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka
    Thank you so much ur all reply.nw i hv clear idea about my question.
  • Anjali Kulkarni · National Institute Of Bank Management
    in the field of development NGOs have done lot of demonstrations and have come with new ideas for development alternatives. Some NGOs may not be good , but their value can not be denied. Any Govt. does not have time and expertise to do demonstrations . but careful analysis of most of the development schemes shows that it is based on some successful demonstrations done by some NGOs.

    What we lack is appropriate monitoring system. NGOs role in shaping policies by creating public pressure also needs to be recognised.

    there are various documents which show what role NGOs play in the field of development.

    dr. anjalikulkarni, Pune , India
  • Bill Miller · University of Georgia
    See for a successful ngo
  • Nicholas Jackson · University of Denver
    One good critical reference is Fisher, William F. 1997. Doing Good? The Politics and Antipolitics of NGO Practices. Annual Review of Anthropology 26:439-464.
  • Nicholas Jackson · University of Denver
    Another good anthropological perspective on development and aid is Mosse, David and David J. Lewis, eds. 2005. The Aid Effect: Giving and Governing in International Development. Anthropology, Culture, Society. London; Ann Arbor: Pluto
  • Bill Miller · University of Georgia
    You can have a successful ngo like Do read to see how it was done.
  • Lawrence Gomes · Indian Institute of Management Calcutta
    Some literatures i am recommending you for your research work :
    1. Bidyut Chakraborty : Voluntary Association and Development : The Indian Experience, Indian Journal Of Public Administration, Vol.L, No.1, January- March, 2004.
    2.Alam, Barkat : Poverty Alleviation, Welfare, Economic Development and NGOs : Some Observations. Indian Journal of Public Administration, Vol.XLV, No.1, January- March, 1999.
    3.Lalwani, B.T. : NGOs in Development. Rawat Publications, New Delhi, 1999.
    4.. Rajasekhar, D and Biradar, R.R.. : Reluctant Partners Coming Together : Interface between People, Government and NGOs", Concept Publishing Company, New Delhi, 2004.
    5. Singh, R.S.K. : Role of NGOs in Developing Countries, Deep and Deep Publications, New Delhi, 2008.
  • Gilbert Chilinde · University of Malawi - The Polytechnic
    Gino Lofredo, "Help yourself by helping the poor"
    Michael Edwards and David Hume, "Scaling up NGO impact on development: learning from experience"
    Jenny Pearce, "Development , NGOs, and civil society: the debate and its future"
    Laura Roper, Jethro Pettit, and Deborah Eade (editors), "Development and the Learning Organization: Essays from Development in Practice"
    Deborah Eade (editor) "Development Methods and Approaches: Critical Reflections"
    Crawford David et al "A day in the life of a development manager",
  • Bill Miller · University of Georgia
    NGO's dedicated to humanitarian work are doomed to failure. Funding is not there.
    An NGO dedicated to developing markets in the private sector can succeed as did , but practical experience and funding must be available to the NGO. This does not happen overnight, but when it does the results are excellent. See

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