Where i can find free journal or e-book? Please share with me

Free journal or e-book


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  • Imran Farooq · University of Dammam
    Really depends, which journal are you looking for.

    This link of Journal of dentistry usually works for me
  • Spyridon Papageorgiou · University of Bonn
    It really has to do with what exactly are you looking for.

    If you are looking for an article or an issue of a journala, you can check at the journal's site, Pubmed and eventually by searching the article's title with " " in Google or Google Scholar. However, most of the articles require that you pay, so a university connection usually is required to do your job. Alternatively, you could email the corresponding author to send you a copy. There is also a few journals that provide freely some or all of their content.

    If you are looking for an e-book, as far as I know electronic textbooks are not available for free and you have to buy them. If you are looking for something like this, I must also say that normally downloading a free copy of a scientific book is considered as piracy and is not allowed.
  • Deleted
    Try these sites for journals: and And this for books:
  • Deleted
    the journal of dental research sometimes has open access to the not very recent issues,also yo ca follow the dentistrytoday journal which is open online,it's a light journal that only aims at giving u idea about what's going around &good luck.
  • Richard Miron · Universität Bern
    You can download a number of highly popular dental books at You will need to download a bit torrent program such as utorrent which can be found at
  • Sameera Nath · KMCT Group of Institutions
    My suggestion would be to :
    copy paste the site address(eg: you are looking for into another site called "Bugmenot"( get free usernames and passwords that would have worked for 50% of researchers accessing the site u want to enter.
    it has worked for me several times.
    try your luck!
  • Einer Villarreal · University of Barcelona
    Go to
    fill the window with key word, and enter
    and after click in the free full text link in the left side
    good luck
  • Nizar Amir · National Central University
    As my experiance, We get free paper or journal with request in this website ( ) - Using Indonesia Language -

    or directly send an email to :

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