What thickness is required for printing solar cells on fabric? Also what would be thermal coefficient of the printed solar fabric?

What would be the required thickness of the fabric required for printing solar cells? The research is undertaken at MIT, however I wished to use the concept for my current research.


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  • Chaitanya Kotha · SRM University
    you can use an amorphous solar cell which is of very thin size may b 2-6mm....
  • Alisha Contractor · University of Glasgow
    Any clue about thermal expansion and operational temperature limits for the same? 6mm is thick for my purpose of use!
  • Printing solar cells is not so easy. Especially not on a fabric. I don't know anybody who ever did this. What research of MIT are you referring to? Maybe you can glue flexible solar cells on your fabric? Ask . The typical thickness of the active layers in thin film solar cells (CIGS, amorphous Si, CdTe, CZTS,... ) is about 2 to 6µm (not mm!). But usually a flat substrate is required.
  • Alisha Contractor · University of Glasgow
    MIT have developed a method of depositing photovoltic cells on the sheet of paper or any lightweight fabric. Thank you for directing me on solar cell film. I'll look into it. However flexible substrate is more preferable for my work.

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