What is the difference between Religion and Dharma ?

Religion is a school of thought that originated in certain period of time.
Dharma is one which holds,it is eternal.


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  • Madupu Seshagiri · State Bank of India
    What is meant by Dharma? Is it a set of values described in the scriptures of a particular religion or is it the most common opinion of many people that so and so values are good for all in the society?
  • Harisharan Walia · Essar Group
    Dharma of Sun is to emit light,it is natural and Sun is Sun because it is known to emit light eternally. Dharma of mankind, the most intellectually developed species in the universe, is to understand oneness everywhere in the universe and serve the universe as per individuals nature(Sva- dharma).
  • Madupu Seshagiri · State Bank of India
    Can we suppose - Dharma is "nature / characteristics / features / capacity" of an entity ? Does the word "swadharma" means nature of the individual or duty bound to be done by individual as per "time, space and circumstance" (kala, mana, paristhiti) ? Most common use now days of dharma -- "Hindu dharma" - what is it ? Is it Hindu religion or philosophy or else?

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