What are Home Remedies for Cavity tooth?

Due to lots of fast food eating, the menace of cavities has risen. Visiting Dentist often regularly is not so economical. So what are the home remedies to treat the cavities?


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  • Cristina Benavides · University of Granada
    Risk of caries involve a combination of factors including diet, fluoride exposure, a susceptible host, microflora, hygiene...
    You can only use home remedies (I call them recommendations) for the factors that you can control to prevent caries (fluoride, diet, xylitol, hygiene...).

    Furthermore, the caries is an INFECTION that causes tooth destruction, so when the infection is instituted, you need go to a specialist (like you go to the doctor when you have a pneumonia, salmonella...). If you don´t go, infection evolve and affect more tooth structure causing pain, cavitation, tooth loss...

    I recommend you to go to the dentist not only when you have a real problem, but for review and advice in this and another problems that you can have in the oral cavity. Because modern management of dental caries should be more conservative and includes early detection of noncavitated lesions, identification of an individual’s risk for
    caries progression, understanding of the disease process for that individual, and “active surveillance” to apply preventive measures and monitor carefully for signs of arrestment or progression.

    Sorry if I don´t answer your question, but to my knowledge, there aren´t home remedies to cure caries.
  • Abhishek Mehta · Jamia Millia Islamia
    treating cavities at home is not an option, you have to go to the dentist. yes u can prevent them by using various caries preventing agents like fluoridated toothpaste
  • Rooban Thavarajah · Ragas Dental College
    Merriam-Webster defines home remedies as "a simply prepared medication or tonic often of unproven effectiveness administered without prescription or professional supervision".
    1. Dental caries by definition, is an irreversible disease process, it cannot be cured or reversed once it is established. Hence there is no effective remedy. Use of Meshwak, Neem stick, Babool stick, Banyan sticks and several other plant products have been a part of Alternative Indian medicine for a long time. Oil pulling, Salt gargle have been also advised as preventive measures.
    2. Dental pain on the other hand can be rectified by home remedies. Clove oil (rich source of Eugenol) have been advised. Also many oils such as garlic extracts have also been advised.
    Use of alternate medical prescriptions will help to combat the emerging incidence of dental caries. However they can be only preventive measures but not curative measures and offer only symptomatic relief.
  • Saurabh Srivastava · Uttar Pradesh Dental College and Research Centre
    Dear Devansh your concern regarding the discovery of a remedial measure in respect to the carious process is appreciable; but i would like to correct you on one front that dentist visit is not economical as it entirely depends when and with what problem you reach the dentist. Also there are many government setups which provide good treatment, can be approached.
    As the other researchers have pointed out that carious process being irreversible, is caused by the dissolution of the inorganic component of the tooth structure by bacterial byproducts and hence needs mechanical intervention. By no means so far known this can be treated medicinally. But many preventive measures are of great help in reducing the incidence of this disease.
  • Cajouste Tony Jean-Pierre · Université Quisqueya
    To fight to toothdecay you must to fight against all risk factor can be lead to toothdecay.
    1-first have a good dental hygien
    2- avoid to consum sugar and the product can destroy the enamel.
    3 - visit a dentist each six month
    4- use toothpaste with fluoride and do applied of fluoride each years since three old years.

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