Strategic Intervention for Chemistry Education

Hello guys, chemistry education is my concern, i want to be updated with new applications nowadays which seemed to be not available yet to the learning community like high school, please give me an insight where to begin and why these are important to be included in everyday classroom learning. Im quite bothered because as i found out majority of the learning materials today opens only to the old and some are obsolete relative to the current advancement in chemistry today. I want my students updated with these things. Thank you and Im looking forward on your comments.


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  • Dear Arava
    Than you very much for your comments, im done already with water quality, pollution management and food preparation related topics, i have only few ideas regarding on green chemistry as the name suggest i think it is more on environmental but i really dont have an idea of what really the principles of green chemstry, please provide me a preview of its core concern. Thanks
  • Jonathan Barcelo · Saint Louis University, Baguio City
    Hi sir. I share the same concern with you although I teach college students. based from my experiences, students find Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry hard because of abstract representations and their actual applications. What we are doing right now is utilizing plant compounds and simple analytical methods to apply concepts in chemistry in research.

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