Sociologicial and Anthropological Basis of Facebook Valuation

I am planning to work on an article on sociological and anthropological basis of facebook valuation. Is there any one like to collaborate? Thanks in advance. Dr.K.Prabhakar


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  • Youssef Meguebli · École Supérieure d'Electricité
    Hi, i'm a phd student in supélec university, am interested to your proposition !
  • Prabhakar Krishnamurthy · SRM University
    Please. Is it possible to work on a paper?
  • Youssef Meguebli · École Supérieure d'Electricité
    Of course, i will be honored to write a paper with you
  • Prabhakar Krishnamurthy · SRM University
    Sorry for not being able to reply. How you are planning to take this forwards? kindly help me. I am not getting ideas.
  • Dr prabhakar Kotte · Sri Venkateswara University
    Good morning sir,
    My name is Dr.K.Prabhakar, Post doctoral fellow, Dept of Anthropology,, Tirupati-517502. we both to work on article. thank u sir

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