Shall we be able to replace labor force with computers in the business world?

Here we are faced with global economic challenges. Business are indeed struggling to cope with different aspects including unreliable labor.


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  • Konrad Burnik · University of Zagreb
    I think that with our current understanding not all labor force can be replaced. For example, a simple problem like sewing up a torn shirt (using robot hands for example) is still a too complex task for every computer. There are lots of other similar tasks that also cannot be automatized, and the main problem is the lack of structure in the general problem of torn shirts (shirts can be torn in countless ways, too much for any of today's computer to handle). So, if there is some structure to the work that needs to be done (or the problem that needs solving), then in that case there is hope that the labor force can be replaced by a computer.
  • Justin Fister · University of Cincinnati
    Certainly computers and, more generally, machines have been replacing human labor and will continue to do so, especially for specialized tasks. Humans still have an enormous advantage for general tasks because our human "wetware" still tops any machine's hardware. Consider that humans have supercomputers packed into only 3.5 lbs, have an incredibly adaptable power system, and our muscles and nervous system represent a system of sensors and actuators beyond mechanical compare.

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