Is there scale using positive psychology?

Researches using positive psychology


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  • Çınar Kaya · Sakarya University
    I guess, you mean psychometric instruments measuring major constructs dealt in the positive psychology framework. I guess, you may need to read basic articles on Subjective Well-being and Psychological Well-being models. Of course there are many constructs like hope, authenticity, forgiveness etc. I think you should narrow down your target area about what you want to investigate.
  • Patrice Rasmussen · University of South Florida
    Hi, Yes, Dr. Seligman has a site where he has all the measurement scales and instruments for all the Positive Psychology area. If you search his site you will find all the resources and instructions for conducting a study in Positive Psychology
  • Çınar Kaya · Sakarya University
    I guess Patrice Rasmussen was mentioning this website:
  • Mark Ng · Hong Kong Shue Yan University
    Which construct you are refer to? Psychological Capital?
  • Ksenia Naboka · Regent's University London
  • Merche Ovejero · Complutense University of Madrid
    There are several scales (with demonstrated psychometric properties) based on Positive Psychology theories. It depends of what you want to assess. For example:
    Positive/negative affect: PANAS
    Well-being: Ryff's Scale of Psychological Well-being
    Life satisfaction: SWLS
    Optimism: LOT-R
    Also you can assess other variables/traits/constructs such as gratitude, hardiness, happiness, meanig in life...
    There are other measures but researchers must be careful with it, for example Values in Action Inventory of Strengths, which assess character strengths, this scale has good reliability but contruct validity is not as good as expected.
    There is a book entitled “Positive Psychological Assessment” in which you can find a lot of scales.
    Also check this link:
    I hope this helps. If you need more information, please tell me:

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