Is guar cultivation possible in arabian desert

Guar is a precious crop


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  • Min Zhong · Chinese Academy of Sciences
    I think it can survive in the desert for it doesn't need so much water, but we still need experiments on it to prove that it can grow in arabian desert. And should guarantee that it won't cause ecology disaster .
  • Nadia Ghanney · Institut des Régions Arides
    Theoretically, it's possible because this plant is resistant to drought and salinity. But over all, you should do a test in the plot that you want to cultivate.
  • S.B. Jayachandran · Indo-American Hybrid Seeds
    Dear Dr. Lal Hussain Akhtar Akhtar,
    Could you please send us a popular article on Guar- Agrotechniques and economic importance. We can publish it in our scientific magazine Vatika- a publication of the Indo American Hybrid Seeds, Bangalore.
    Thanks and regards,
  • S.B. Jayachandran · Indo-American Hybrid Seeds
    You may kindly send by e mail to:
  • Akhtar · Agricultural Research Station, Bahawalpur, Pakistan
    OK. Pl give me couple of weeks for this article.
  • S.B. Jayachandran · Indo-American Hybrid Seeds
    Thank you so much. Take your time.
  • Akhtar · Agricultural Research Station, Bahawalpur, Pakistan
    What type of this magazine is? Is it refereed or not?
  • S.B. Jayachandran · Indo-American Hybrid Seeds
    It is a quarterly scientific magazine based on the applied aspects of agriculture, horticulture and forestry. It is published in English by Indo American Hybrid Seeds company - an innovative pioneer in seed industry in India. It is being published since 1991 and has four issues in a year : Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter and has been given ISSN 0975-4318. It has a wide readership base comprising of SAU,s, progressive farmers, research students, consultants, exporters, landscapists, agro traders, homemakers and is referred by research students. It contains popular articles in agri-horti-biotech-seedtechnology, food science, agribusiness, apiculture and forestry related topics on latest technologies, innovative findings, breakthrough in research useful to farming community, that are not too technical and could be easily understood. Articles will be of 3-4 pages in A4 paper and can carry pictures in jpg format. You may send the papers to me at:
  • S.B. Jayachandran · Indo-American Hybrid Seeds
    Dear Dr. Lal Hussain Akhtar Akhtar,
    I hope by now the article on Dates is ready. Could you please arrange to send the same to me for publication in Vatika.
    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
    kind regards,
  • Hello everybody

    Can anyone, please, tell/explain me what "GUAR" is?
    I understand that it should be a kind of food that somebody is looking to grow it in desert conditions. As a semi-desert citizen, maybe I have a solution if I understand the question.
    Please do...
    Does Vatika is published in the internet?

    In friendship

  • Ashok Parihar · Indian Institute of Pulses Research
    Dear Amir,
    "GUAR" or cluster bean (Cymopsis teteragonoloba) is an annual legume and the source of guar gum. it is extremely drought tolerant and thrives in semi arid regions.
  • S.B. Jayachandran · Indo-American Hybrid Seeds
    Dear Mr. Amir Sigal,
    Vatika is not available on the internet. Hard copies are available at an annual subscription of Rs. 500 (for four quarterly issues). Vatika is registered under ISSN.
  • Mahendar Singh Jakhar · Bureau Of Indian Standards (BIS)
    Can anybody refer back to the question if someone knows about it??

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