In vitro model system of food digestion

I need a system that mimics the processes that are going when food is diggested in stomach, duodenum and the intestine.


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  • Markus Hollmann · University of Duisburg-Essen
    in Ghent (Belgium) the team of LabMET is dealing with your topic.

    They also founded a spin-off for comercial investigations.

    Maybe they can help you or at least point you towards another research group.

    best wishes
  • Rohit Kumar · Royal College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
    Sir,you should prefere the invitro model for dissolution which directly mimic the digestive system and helps in the study of drug release behaviour of a formulation.
  • Arkadiusz Kozubek · University of Wroclaw
    The main problem is that we want to study the extractability/release od some compound that are present in food during the passage along the digestive tract.
  • Jacopo Troisi · Università degli Studi di Salerno
    You can see this publication. There is a simple protocol to study the extractable of mycotoxin. I think it can be valid for more other substances.
  • Dear Dr. Kozubek

    I can suggest you some references, but they are focused in microbiology . But they describe deeply the physicochemical conditions in the gut, expecially Macfarlane et al., 1998.

    Gibson GR, Rouzaud G, Brostoff J, Rayment N. 2005. An evaluation of probiotic effects in the human gut: microbial aspects. Final Technical report for FSA project ref G01022

    Macfarlane GT., Macfarlane S & Gibson GR. 1998 Validation of a three stage compound continuous culture system for investigating the effect of retention time on the ecology and metabolism of bacteria in the human colon. Microbial Ecology in Health and Disease 35, 180- 187.

    I hope you can find something interesting.
    Best regards.
  • Arkadiusz Kozubek · University of Wroclaw
    More specifically - lipids and lipidic compounds taht are present in food.
    Are lipids really digested in +/-50%? Does intestinal microbial flora participate in further availability from food ingested? I have thought about a coctail of enzymes (proteineses, lipases, phospholipases) and bile acids.
    Please not to laugh, it isn't my specialization/expertise. I just have the idea to start something new (at least for me).
  • Arkadiusz Kozubek · University of Wroclaw
    şaka Evet
  • Arkadiusz Kozubek · University of Wroclaw
    Dear Meric Altinoz.
    If I knew that all you have mentioned earlier I would not have the reason to ask.
  • Rachid Tahzima · Institute for Agricultural and Fisheries Research
    Yes you can contact Prof. Verstraeten fro UGhent-Belgium, I think he developped some in vitro model in his lab and is quite efficient.
  • Thomas Manesh · Gujarat State Biotechnology Mission
    Yes U can model the exact system, in vitro model of catabolism of food stuffs can acquire by controlled in vitro biotransformation.
  • Assunta Raiola · University of Naples Federico II
    Dear Dr. Kozubek
    I can suggest you these references focused in mycotoxins which I am the first author:
    I hope you can find something useful.

    Best regards.

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