Obtaining spores from a Colletotrichum gloeosporioides colony

I have an obstacle in the isolation of Colletotrichum gloeosporioides. I used PDA medium for the isolation. I got a colony of fungal, but I could not make them sporulate (producing the spores). Does anybody know how to obtain spores of this pathogen?


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  • Leonardo Casieri · Universitè de Bourgogne, Dijon France
    Dear César,
    It is not clear if you are speaking about spores (sexual reproduction) or conidia (asexual one). If you really mean spores I would say the medium is a bit too rich and easy-to-access for this fungus that is either an endophyte or pathogen according to the host plant.
    In case you mean conidia... well this is really strange cause you might have billions of them in a 7 days-old culture. Have you done a microscope slide (simply using a lactic acid drop to mount) checking for conidia? Maybe try the MEA (Malt Extract Agar) medium.

    From which substrate did you isolate the C. gloeosporioides?

  • Deleted
    Dear César,
    I agree with Leonardo that C. gloeosporioides is an easy sporulator. Normally you would find massive sporulation on your agar plates within one week. Are you sure that you have actually isolated Colletotrichum?
  • Prakash Chowdhry · International Commission on the Taxonomy of Fungi
    Dear César,

    Grew the culture on Maize Meal or Oat meal Agar medium.Be sure about the purity of your isolate before subculturing - P.N.Chowdhry
  • Peter Lueth · Independent Researcher
    Dear César,
    For wat pupose do you need the conidia?
  • César Luis Siqueira Junior · Universidade Federal do Estado do Rio de Janeiro (UNIRIO)
    Dear Leonardo and Peter.

    I've isolated the fungus from fruits of papaya. I need spores to test the potential of plant extracts on the germination of spores of this fungus.

    But Johan may be right, I will make sure that it isolated the fungus Colletotricum gloeosporioides. I've been using a strain courtesy by a Brazilian researcher, however in recent months I have been trying to isolate a strain from papaya fruits to use them in my experiments.

    Thank you for your considerations.
    Best Regards
  • Belle Damodara Shenoy · CSIR-National Institute of Oceanography, Dona Paula, Goa
    My student uses PCA or SNA; Also refer to the recent paper on this group in Studies in Mycology (
  • Laura Hernández · University of the Republic, Uruguay
    I´m working with C. gloeosporioides and there are some ones that have problems with sporulation. Try growth with photoperiod in UV light/dark
  • Somu Gowda · University of Horticultural Sciences
    use Richard's agar media for isolation, this pathogen requires high temperature for spore production so after isolation or subculturing keep the cultures in BOD incubator at 30 degree and above like 34 r 35 it will sporlate try it......
  • Giovanni Vannacci · Università di Pisa
    It could be useful for you to follow the discussion on a similar question :

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