Using the Likert point scale for assessing student motivation

I am studying students' motivation, self-confidence, and anxiety in my thesis. Is it OK to use FLCAS and AMBAT movtivation questionnaire?


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  • I developed à test conform to what you are looking for. VaSEV contains 4 scales: achievement motivation, self confidence, fear of failure and procrastination. Originally the test has been stutten in Dutch but meanwhile à french and greek version exists, and an english translation are at disposition. Of you are interested, please let me know.
  • Farzane Baradarani · Urmia University
    I will be grateful if you send it to me in English version .My email is
  • I will do it tomorrow, asap. Eric Depreeuw - PhD - Leuven Belgium
  • Farzane Baradarani · Urmia University
    Thanks a lot.
  • Sarath Samaranayake · Prince of Songkla University
    I find that constructs like motivation, self-confidence, and anxiety cannot be preciously measured whatever instrument you use so why don't you try another topic for your thesis
  • Farzane Baradarani · Urmia University
    I know . but my proposal about it was accepted and I had to do it. Do you have any suggestions about it?
  • Hojat Jodai · Hakim Sabzevari University
    To Sarath
    I think it is not logical and reasonable to completely eliminate and ignore the topic itself. Theses concepts of individual differences especially motivation play a significant role in SLA and they been investigated by many top notch scholars around the world.
    Of course they can not be measured preciously, however, this is the nature of social science that "precise measure" does not have any meaning on it.Anyway this limitations are not a good reason to not investigate them.
  • Hojat Jodai · Hakim Sabzevari University
    To Farzane
    There are different measure for your purposes, among them are: Likert scales, Semantic differential, multiple choice and Guliford.You can use them altogether in your data collection to make the research more valid and viable!
  • Gonzalo Abio · Universidade Federal de Alagoas
    All these tools can help assess the motivation, but we must also think that motivation is reciprocal and can also be influenced by the context and task, therefore, must be measured also on performing specific tasks or classroom activities.
  • Farzane Baradarani · Urmia University
    thanks for your recommendations. My exact topic is about finding the possible effect of multilingualism on motivation and anxiety and learning an additional language. do you have any more suggestions?
  • Dr. Murad Al-Shboul · International Islamic University Malaysia
    Your topic is very interesting. There are many instruments developed to use in your thesis you may adapt or adopt what is more related and that is it. Hope you more brilliant future with the human sciences.

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