How to standardize different batches of a plant extract for long term work?

I have been planning to work on a plant, but I am not getting a lot of sample at a time since its been cultivated in a short place. Every 3 months I used to get sample and then after oven drying I grinded it to powder and keep it in 4 degree. Then I go for soxhlet extraction, I have been collecting plants from the same place, same land. What else should be considered during these procedure to make all my batches of sample standardized? I have to do RRLC, GC-MS, animal study with this plant.


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  • Meera Das · North Eastern Hill University
    Well i can suggest you that you standardize for short term preservation storing the sample at 0 or 4 degree centigrade. Well if you want regeneration than you have to develop a protocol for its regeneration but only for extraction it should do well but then you have to compare the extract before and after storage.
  • Chrystian Iezid Maia-Almeida Feres · Universidade Federal de Alagoas
    Dear colleague, you need sample standardized the fenological stage. More, this condition you will have phytochemical variation in different seasons and day time harvesting. Surely has many variations in Phytochemistry in your samples. This fact are confirmed in many scientific works. Is very important you consider this.
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  • Elier Galarraga · Simon Bolívar University
    You can also monitored every plant with TLC and then compare the diferent TLC extract plates so you can assure that the metabolites have not change.
  • Gandhidas Lavekar · Central Council for Research in Ayurveda & Siddha
    Dear most important is to do chemical profile of each sample received putting numbering and date. See the international standards of a particular plant if available and if not then you have to develop your own in house standards. According to the in house standards you compare the samples, chemical profile very much important as bio-activities are dependent on the chemical profile. If possible you can do the DNA profile, which is important as chemical profile reflects on the basis of DNA profile.
  • Gandhidas Lavekar · Central Council for Research in Ayurveda & Siddha
    One has to identify / estimate qualitatively and quantitatively the Markers some time both Chemical marker for genuine identity and another Bio-marker for bio activities are to be estimated. All plant markers are not available in any marker library, about 350 markers are till date are available and some 4-5 hundreds as such are identified but number of plants are many many. In case if the marker is not known then one has to see the chemical profile for important phyto chemicals.
  • Ashok Ahuja · Indian Institute of Integrative Medicine
    For standadrization purpose you need to have Bench Mark as per international standadard for quality and quantity of chemical markers for particular drug only based on this Bench Marks you can evaluate .or standadrize
  • Savariraj Sahayam · SASTRA University
    once we collect the plant material to make a supper critical extract.The extract will be expire on 3 years.

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