How to make graphene thin films on glass substrate?

By CVD or PVD processes


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  • Yellareswara Rao K · Indian Institute of Science
    you can make use of PE CVD for good quality graphene films on metallic substrates such as copper and Nichel.
    i do not think you can directly deposit on glass substrates.
  • Gunther Lippert · Institute for High Perfomance microelectronics
    I made it on transparent mica (serves as insulator) with PVD (arXiv:1205.6591v1 [cond-mat.mes-hall] 30 May 2012) and upload today to Carbon
  • Enrique Cobas · United States Naval Research Laboratory
    Look up Zheng Yan et al., Growth of Bilayer Graphene on Insulating Substrates, ACS Nano 5, 10, pp 8187, 2011. Basically, graphene forms by CVD on both sides of a Nickel film, so deposit Nickel, do CVD and then remove the Nickel.

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