How do you really convert serum HBsAg measured in ng/ml to iu/ml?

In your paper, it was stated : "For convenience, HBsAg concentrations measured in ng/mL
were converted to IU/mL, considering that 0.15 ng/mL of HBsAg is equivalent to 350 IU/mL."
This seems to vary significantly from the usual conversion rules of:
1. 1 ng/ml = 0.2 iu/ml or
2. 1 ng/ml = 1 iu/ml
Relationship between serum HBsAg level, HBV DNA level, and peripheral immune cells in patients with chronic hepatitis B virus infection. Rm Mukherjee, P Balkumar Reddy, Jyothi Arava, Pn Rao, Sasikala Mitnala, R Gupta, Dn Reddy


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  • Rathindra Mukherjee · Asian Institute of Gastroenterology
    The conversion factor varies in different assays/manufacturers in HBV DNA assays also.For uniformity, we really need universal reference/controls for different assays.Even the usual conversion rules mentioned by you shows wide variation.
    However,the conversion rules we used for HBsAg ELISA is actually based on the following paper: Biswas R, Tabor E, Hsia CC, et al. Comparative sensitivity of HBV NATs and HBsAg assays for detection of acute HBV infection. Transfusion.
  • Rathindra Mukherjee · Asian Institute of Gastroenterology
    It is to mention that currently used assays for quantification of HBsAg are based on CLIA platform and the result expressed directly as IU/ml,hence no need of conversion from ng/ml to IU/mL.

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