How can i do commissioning for cobalt60

We have tow cobalts machine one of them we treating in in it and ather is new how we can do commissining for it ?


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  • commissining which i undertsand is to do all Quality Control Checks of Co-60 Machine. Installation is made by the Engineer/Physicist of the company, while they do commissioning also but you have to perform some basic qc test, like activity check, field size check, isocenter check, gantry check , radiation field check , source positioning check, etc ...Hope you get the point
  • Amol Jagtap · Lions Cancer Detection Center , India
    for the commissioning of Co-60 unit you have to measure central axis PDD, TAR/TMR, phantom & collimator scatter factor, o/p , o/p for breast cone, wedge factors, radiation survey and all other mechanical tests
  • Ahmed Alozizi · National Oncology Center Yemen
    Thank you so much
  • Amol Jagtap · Lions Cancer Detection Center , India
    better to use RFA for commissioning.
  • Sajjad Ahmed Memon · Nuclear Institute of Medicine & Radiotherapy (NIMRA)
    I agree with Mr. Muhammad Arif.
    Commissioning is the process by which an equipment or facility is tested to verify it functions according to its design and specifications by performing QC tests (Field size check, Isocenter check, Gantry check , Dose rate measurement etc.
    please refer to
    IAEA's TECDOC-1040-Design and implementation of a radiotherapy programme: Clinical, medical physics, radiation
    protection and safety aspects
  • Muhammad Asghar · Bahawalpur Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Oncology (BINO)
    I suggest follow the suggestion of both Mr. Arif & Amol Jagtap , Since the parameters suggested by both are necessary in order to commissioning the system and then allow the treatment
  • Marius Treutwein · University Hospital Regensburg
    Maybe you have finished your commissioning up to now, because your question is some months back - but if you are still on the job, you can find some helpful hints in the AAPM reports at
    No. 142 and 47 are for linear accelerators, but many items are the same for cobalt units, no. 46 and 13 are referring in some parts directly to the quality assurance of cobalt units.
    Best regards.

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