How can I plot the wilcox diagram in SAR irrigation water quality?

Can I use Exel or other else that free program? How much it hard to be used? Thank you very much.


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  • Mohammad Firoz Khan · Jamia Millia Islamia
    You can download Wicox Diagram plotter demo free and also its manual.
  • George Megas · Agricultural University of Athens
    I can send you if you like an excel program i ve created that plots a wilcox diagram and puts your data on it. It has some error but its very little..
  • George Megas · Agricultural University of Athens
    Send me your email if you like ,the program is on excel and its nothing sophisticated you ll see if you like it..
  • Hatairat Chaiprechapol · Department of Groundwater Resources,Thailand
    Oh! That's so great! My E-mail is I should have check in my email even early. I look forward hearing from you.
  • Naba Kumar Shukla · Independent Researcher
    Hi George! That is quite nice. I would like to give it a try. Can you send the same in my Email
  • Gautam Gupta · Indian Institute of Geomagnetism
    Hello George, Thats great. Can you please send me the ame in mu email:
  • Mohammad Al Farajat · Al-Hussein Bin Talal University
    you can use the Hydrowin for that
  • Gautam Gupta · Indian Institute of Geomagnetism
    Hello George, I am waiting for your excel program that plots Wilcox diagram. Please send me at Thanks in advance..
  • Kuldip P Upasani · North Maharashtra University
    You ca use AquaChem 2014.1 software developed by SWS Technology.
    Please check the attachment.
  • A. Ebraheem · Assiut University
    AquaChem (developed by Schlumberger) and GWW (United Nation) are good software to do this.

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