Does anyone have references about CYP2 C19 and its relation with cancer/metabolism in cancer patient/metabolism in CVD patient?

There is a close relationship between metabolism pattern and CYP 2C19 Sub types.
I would be happy if anyone can share information based on Integrative and or Complementary alternative medicine/Ayurveda.


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  • Edwin Sandanaraj · Agency for Science, Technology and Research
    The response to your first query (CYP2C19 relation with Cancer) is elusive, obviously we wouldn't expect a direct correlation on cancer/carcinogenesis and a metabolizer.
    There are supportive findings available to your queries: i) CYP2C19 involvement with regards to anticancer drug metabolism in cancer patient ii) CYP2C19 involvement with regards to anticoagulant metabolism in cardiovascular disorders (CVD). CYP2c19 metabolizes 150 over drugs including Tamoxifen (widely studied anticancer drug in association with CYP2C19) and warfarin (widely studied CVD drug in association with CYP2C19). Please note that CYP2C19 mediated resistance is more prevalent in Asians when compared with Caucasians as the CYP2C19 genetic variants (CYP2C19*) are highly polymorphic (~20-30%) in Asian population, makes them as poor metabolizers. Please check superCYP database to analyze CYPs of interest and their drug interactions ( )

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