DBX-13, H-86, nitric oxide, policosanol, lion's mane mushroom, zizyphus.

Are these remarkable therapeutic agents good for replacing mainstream drugs?


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  • Anu Makela · EMRED Oy
    All of these have been either studied extensively or used for long time with acceptable results. Whether to use these or mainstream drugs comes always to the question how to calculate the dosage, since often direct herbal products vary on their content of active substrates. This can be due to the plant itself- growthplace, soil, age os plant etc. Or due to different ways of handling and preserving. If you have a GMP product with reliable standard and price is not ridiculously high, i see no reason not to use it. It must be remembered that they also can side effects as any mainsteram medication, so you still must know the product well. Zizybus, for example has a wide scope of use from type II disbetes to insomnia and intestinal problems. Anyone using it can expect somnolescence, therefore it would be advisable not to take it in the morning...
  • Budak Melayu · Universiti Malaysia Pahang
    But, if we use zizybus in place of sleeping pills, I think it can be used safely and can treat imsomnia,. For me, sleeping pills are quite dangerous and have the worst side effects if we rank it in terms of most deadly prescribed drugs in market. same goes to the other drugs like chemotherapy, NSAID, statin, beta blocker, ACE inhibitors, metformin, aricept, and so on.

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