Can anyone help me to find Biological Science journals with good/average impact factor where publication cost is nil or comparatively low ?

Any International biological science journals with average impact factor where article publication fee is nil or fairly low and also accepts articles from world wide not for members/ subscribers only .


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  • Rafael Ramirez Morales · Istituto Oncologico Veneto
    PLoS ONE has a waiver policy for researchers not being able to pay the requested fee.

    The journal also has three fee levels, according to the country you are from. Countries in list 1 are exempt from any fee, those on list 2 are asked to contribute with a 500USD fee. Others are requested to contribute 1350USD per publication.
  • Piotr Rzymski · Poznan University of Medical Sciences
    Search on Elsevier or Springer publishers website. There is plenty fee-free and you should find some that will satisfy your expectations

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