Biofuels Require Feedstock Growing.

I want to send to Turkey a small package of Switchgrass Seed for demonstration. It is a renewable fuel and some new automobiles will have Flex Fuel motors that use for an example Ethanol (E-85)
that will be able to use the transportation fuel mixture.

I need a team that is agricultural focused to get a Phytosanitary
certificate and import permit. The seeds will be sent from the
inspection facilities of the United States Departmentr of Agriculture
to the collaborators.

Best regards,
Sidney Clouston, CEO
Clouston Energy Research


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  • Ersin Dilber · Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, Ankara,TURKEY
    Hi my collegue..
    I am an agriculture engineneer . I can help you. What can I do for you?
    Whats your plan? I am working Provincial Directorate of Agriculture of Ordu City..
    And I have Botany phd degree too ..

    Best regard
  • Sidney Clouston · Clouston Energy Research, LLC
    Hello Dr. Dilber: You are a perfect collaborator for my efforts. Let's talk about it, Ok? I am in Michigan and we are looking to do a project here. There is interest in the technology and what is produced by it from Maize (Corn) not the kernals but the Cob. The poor people complain about food availability and the cost if available. The kernals of Maize can be eaten by people and chickens as well as cattle for beef. This means energy and protein for a better diet. I promote Solar PV for clean electrical energy in Rural Development and Drip Irrigation for conservation of water for vegetables. Poverty and Hunger Relief is the first Millennium Development Goal of the United Nations. I like Orchard Trees for the sequestering of CO2 to address the Global Climate Change and they make a harvest possible with Fruit or Nuts as well as in some cases Oil Seeds for Biodiesel. I did discusss this with the Deputy Director of Forestry in Turkey but I could not respond to his invitation due to poor cash flow. The work in Nigeria Africa is the same as here in Michigan USA and Nepal could be just as good for this. The land of Turkey may also be able to benefit. The plan must include action to help uplift the poor. It is my vow to be the Champion for them. All should benefit as it is ethical to create the greatest good for the greatest number of people. It is written in the Holy Bible by Isa al Mesih (Jesus the Messiah) in Matthew 25 : 31-41 that we ought to uplift the people in need. So Contract Growing contracts, Microfinance, Standard Offer to buy the feedstock and even in some cases
    Joint Ventures with communities are methods. DuPont and another company have told me that they will do "Take Off" of
    all the chemicals that we can make from the Maize cobs. You are the right person to be the Champion of the Poor with me.
  • Sidney Clouston · Clouston Energy Research, LLC
  • Sidney Clouston · Clouston Energy Research, LLC
    Ersin, you have my plan. What do you want to do about it?


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