Are intratumoral lymphatics involved in tumor spread and metastasis ?

Much is known about intratumoral neoangiogenesis in tumor spread. But what about intratumoral neo-lymphangiogenesis and lymphatics? Although most epithelial cancers are believed to metastasize through lymphatic route.


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  • Matthew Lakins · University of Cambridge
    Potentially, intratumour lymphatics, and lymphoid like stroma, are key to many types of metastasis. Have a read of these papers, one from Science talking about the stroma side, and one from the international journal of cancer talking about lymphatic vessels being using as conduits through which metastasising tumour cells can escape. It's a very interesting topic of research with some huge novel therapeutic possibilities.
  • Lara Milane · The Nano Doctor;
    Intratumor lymphatics are a key parameter that defines the microenvironment of a tumor. As you mentioned, metastasis through the lymphatic system is well documented, yet tumor lymphatics also contribute to the character and behavior of solid tumors. Poor lymphatic drainage in solid tumors increases the interstitial fluid pressure and together with “leaky” vasculature contributes to intratumor hypoxia and acidic pH values. These conditions activate metastatic proteases and contribute to the development of multi-drug resistance (MDR), this includes an activation of Hypoxia Inducible Factors, decreased OXPHOS, and increased glycolysis. If interested in reading more about the tumor microenvironment please see my following paper and let me know if you have any questions;
  • Naresh kumar Sood · Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University
    Dear Dr Lakins

    Thank you. It is indeed very interesting topic for exploring as most of the studies have so far been focusing on peritumoral, and that too preexisting peritumoral lymphatics as mode of tumor spread. On the contrary, little information is available on intratumoral lymphatics. On top of this, the role of newly formed lymmphatics in growing tumor becomes more interesting as it is estimated that 80% of cancers preferentially metastasize through lymphatics!

  • Naresh kumar Sood · Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University
    Dear Dr. Lara

    I thank you as well. You have brought to light a very important aspect of modulating of the tumor microenvironment by the lymphatics, which certainly is and could be hot selling topic.


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