A way to determinate the quantity of acetic acid in a solution of organic acids without HPLC?

I'm doing a cell culture but i need to determinate the acetic acid after the fermentation, the problem are the other organic acids in the solution that would interfere with a titration and our inability to use HPLC. Does anyone know about a relatively simple and cheap process to quantify the acetic acid?


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  • Antonie Meyer · University of the Free State
    Heya, I don't know what your situation is, but you could try this. It seems you need a MS though. Please post if you found a method that works.
  • Andrea Forrest · Texas A&M University
    I don't know about a cheap method but you can also measure acetic acid on a GC with an FID detector (along with other volatile acids) The basic procedure is detailed in several articles (ex.

    Also, there are Acetic Acid Assay kits that work for small concentrations of acetic acid with the use of a spectrophotometer (
  • Ishtiaq Ahmed1 · University of Agriculture Faisalabad
    I hope the folowing link will help you.
  • Zhaopeng Li · Leibniz Universität Hannover
    acetic acid kit (Cat. No. K-ACETRM, Megazyme, Ireland) works perfectly. Please note that in their manual it is said that this kit is for 72 assays. But when you reduce the reaction volume by 50%. You can use one kit for 144 assays. GS is also a good choice when you have appropriate detector and columns. Never try HPLC, I waste a lot of time in HPLC !!!
  • Namdar Baghaei-Yazdi · Biocaldol Limited
    Hi Raul, you could try an enzymatic test kit which is specific for acetic acid from R-Biopharm ( You could enquire with them through your local distribitor ( Good luck, Namdar
  • Dimitris Hatzinikolaou · National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
    I agree with Namdar... The R-Biopharm kits work very well in complex matrices since they are very specific (enzymatic assays). Of course you have to consider the cost which is not low (at least to my opinion).
  • Pablo Ravasi · Rosario National University
    there is a kit from Boehringer Mannheim. check here
  • Loc Trinh · National Institutes of Health
    Our lab has used this Boehringer Mannheim kit for years, we've also verified the results against that of LC results. In term of purchasing cost; we reduced the recommended assay volume by half therefore increased the number of samples analysed to 2x per kit.

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