A microscopic picture of a stool

The patient was suffering from chronic diarrohea. I could not identify the arrow marked organism, it might be related to the disease. I found this organism several times but in less than 1% cases. Some times they are found in tetrad.


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  • Stephane Ranque · Assistance Publique Hôpitaux de Marseille
    It is challenging to identifiy a microorganism from a picture... I would say that it is Bastocystis hominis.
  • Mujibur Rahman · Rangpur Medical College
    Bastocystis hominis is very common parasite which I find in stool sample. Now a days due to easy availability and use of nitazoxanite B. hominis rarely found in stool. B. hominis is larger than this parasite.
  • What about modified Z.N. stain for Cryptosporidium?
  • Mujibur Rahman · Rangpur Medical College
    I didn't feel for modified Z-N staining because appearance of the present organism was not like cryptosporidium. Present organism usually found in pairs, tetrad or sometime as single.

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