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Acta Scientiarum Technology published four times a year by the State University of Maringá, Maringá, Paraná, Brazil. The journal publishes original articles in all areas of Technology, including: Engineerings, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Statistics, Geociências and Ciência of the Computation.

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    ABSTRACT: Current study evaluated the machinability characteristics of parts, microstructure and mechanical properties when three different inoculants (IM-22 with FeSi-Ba/Zr; G-20 and FeSi-Ba; IMSR 75 with FeSi-Sr) were added in experiments carried out in a foundry. The research methodology was mailly based on the analysis of the machinability by the milling process of the specimens in gray cast iron GG-25, name according to DIN EN 1561.Evaluation of results is based on a thorough analysis of tool wear, surface finish, microstructural analysis, chemical composition and mechanical properties of the material. Results showed that among the studied inoculants strontium sulfide (SrS) was thermodynamically more stable than the others, because it leds towards a more negative free energy change of Gibbs and therefore more favorable to the formation of nuclei having greater critical radius (rc), solidification with heterogeneous nucleation. Its inoculant was also more efficient in forming a more favorable microstructure, greater amounts of eutectic cells and, longer life of the insert when machined. © 2015 Eduem - Editora da Universidade Estadual de Maringa. All rights reserved.
    Acta Scientiarum Technology 10/2015; 37(4):355. DOI:10.4025/actascitechnol.v37i4.27460
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    ABSTRACT: The experimental research program was developed in the Alto Paraopeba region, state of Minas Gerais, Southeastern Brazil. The main objective was to promote the geotechnical evaluation of soil samples from four cut slopes in residual soil profiles of highways and local secondary roads in order to assess the potential of the anthropic impact on the soil susceptibility to accelerated erosion processes. Soil samples were named: red residual soil (RRS); pink residual soil (PRS); yellow residual soil (YRS); and white residual soil (WRS). The methodology used consisted of geotechnical characterization tests, infiltration rate and modified mass loss by immersion tests performed on soil samples from these profiles, using the physical parameters and indirect assessment of erodibility proposed in 2000 by Bastos et al. The results of indirect assessment of erodibility, which were derived from tests based on the MCT methodology, highlighted the different susceptibility of the investigated soils to hydric erosion. The parameters proposed by the referred authors were complementary to conventional criteria for an adequate classification of tropical soils into their respective classes of erodibility. Among the tested soil samples, the highest erodibility was associated with the YRS and PRS, respectively, in the natural and pre-moistened conditions, as well as it was not detected erodibility in the RRS and WRS. © 2015 Eduem - Editora da Universidade Estadual de Maringa. All rights reserved.
    Acta Scientiarum Technology 10/2015; 37(4):331. DOI:10.4025/actascitechnol.v37i4.26096
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    ABSTRACT: Dissipated energy measurements between a tip of an AFM and a sample have been used to analyze variations in mechanical and tribological properties of materials, using tapping mode AFM to generate topography and phase contrast images. Furthermore it's possible to perform indentations in the material with this operation mode and to create micro-controlled defects, in diameter and depth, to growing of quantum dots in semiconductor materials. In this paper, we discuss the fundamentals of this technique. © 2015 Eduem - Editora da Universidade Estadual de Maringa. All rights reserved.
    Acta Scientiarum Technology 10/2015; 37(4):403-409. DOI:10.4025/actascitechnol.v37i4.27519
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    ABSTRACT: This paper presents results of punching tests carried out in four reinforced concrete flat slabs, one of them without shear reinforcement and others strengthened with CFRP dowels. Slabs were 1000 mm square meters and 60 mm thick and were subjected to mid span loadings until failure. The strengthening arrangements were radial and cruciform, varying the number of layers of CFRP dowels. The results presented include vertical displacements, strain on steel and concrete, ultimate loads and failure mode, as well as estimation of resistance based on the Brazilian standards. It was observed significant improvement on punching resistance of the strengthened slabs when compared to the reference slab, highlighting the good performance for the strengthening system evaluated. © 2015 Eduem - Editora da Universidade Estadual de Maringa. All rights reserved.
    Acta Scientiarum Technology 10/2015; 37(4):323. DOI:10.4025/actascitechnol.v37i4.27116
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    ABSTRACT: Rotation and translation of the Earth subject the living organisms to cyclic changes of environmental factors. This study evaluated the effects of photoperiod on growth and gonadal development in Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus). In a completely randomized design experiment, juvenile males were distributed into nine tanks (10 fish per tank) and maintained for 60 days under three different light treatments with three repetitions each. The treatments were: T1 - 0 h photoperiod (tanks covered with lids and black plastic); T2 - 12 hours photoperiod (tanks uncovered during photoperiod to provide natural light); and T3 - 24 hours photoperiod (tanks covered with lids equipped with lamps). No significant differences were found between treatments for body length, gonad weight or gonadosomatic index, but body weight was higher in fish subjected to T3 compared with other treatments. Furthermore, significant increases in tubular lumen and germinal epithelium were observed in fish exposed to T1 and T3, respectively. Thus, the manipulation of photoperiod in Nile tilapia culture systems can improve production and consequently increase the economic return on investment. © 2015 Eduem - Editora da Universidade Estadual de Maringa. All rights reserved.
    Acta Scientiarum Technology 10/2015; 37(4):381. DOI:10.4025/actascitechnol.v37i4.26880
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    ABSTRACT: Certain techniques, comprising machining and GTAW dressing, have been used in the weld bead edge (region of the welded joint between the weld metal and the base metal) to increase the fillet radius of the region by reducing the stress concentrator factor, decreasing roughness, and increasing the life of weldings. Moreover, TIG Dressing may also provide a smooth change in the radius of the curvature and change the average grain size and promote a microstructural variation through the reflow of this region. Current study analyzes the effect of surface finish of the Heat Affected Zone (HAZ) on resistance to corrosion of welded joints of simple deposition under plate by using machining techniques with sandpaper of different particle sizes and GTAW Dressing, comparing the effect of the two techniques in the resistance to corrosion in environments with chloride ions. ACE P410D ferritic stainless steel was employed as base metal and austenitic wire 308L for welding. Results showed that the condition sweetened with GTAW Dressing with pure argon at current 100A generated the lowest mass loss among the conditions under analysis. © 2015 Eduem - Editora da Universidade Estadual de Maringa. All rights reserved.
    Acta Scientiarum Technology 10/2015; 37(4):347. DOI:10.4025/actascitechnol.v37i4.27588
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    ABSTRACT: This article presents the results of the net radiation partitioning (Rn) between latent heat (LE) and sensible heat fluxes (H) and its relationship with water availability (rain) in an area with Cerrado vegetation in the state São Paulo, Brazil. Heat fluxes follow the energy standard available in the environment, with higher values during the rainy season and lower values in the dry season. However, in the dry season, increased sensible heat flux over the latent heat flux was observed, which could be due to the lower water availability in the environment. Similar studies that have examined the dynamics of natural systems can contribute to the development of public policies for preservation and conservation of natural resources in a context in which the man-nature relationship is marked by imbalances in view of the form of use of natural resources based on predatory model adopted by society over the past 200 years. © 2015 Eduem - Editora da Universidade Estadual de Maringa. All rights reserved.
    Acta Scientiarum Technology 10/2015; 37(4):411. DOI:10.4025/actascitechnol.v37i4.27786
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    ABSTRACT: This work had as objectives to use the Sunn Hemp (Crotalaria juncea L.) to evaluate the residual effect in the soil of levels of water salinity and nitrogen doses, and the occurrence of spatial dependence within the experimental area. In previous years, the experimental area received six consecutive trials, which tested different levels of nitrogen and water salinity on different crops. The same experimental design was applied to this trial, that is, a randomized block design with split-plots (5 × 3), corresponding to the residual effect of water salinity and nitrogen, and four replications. The variables determined were: the plant height on six dates after the sowing, and the dry mass of the shoot, root and the whole plant. The data were firstly subjected to the variance analysis of the residual effects and to the study of spatial variability through geostatistics. The variance analysis did not show significant residual effects of the levels of salinity and nitrogen doses in the soil on the height and dry mass of Sunn Hemp. It was observed a spatial dependence, from moderate to high, in all dates, for height and dry mass of Sunn Hemp. © 2015 Eduem - Editora da Universidade Estadual de Maringa. All rights reserved.
    Acta Scientiarum Technology 10/2015; 37(4):313. DOI:10.4025/actascitechnol.v37i4.27279
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    ABSTRACT: Various parameterizations of nonlinear models are common in the literature.In addition to complicating the understanding of these models, these parameterizations affect the nonlinearity measures and subsequently the inferences about the parameters. Bates and Watts (1980) quantified model nonlinearity using the geometric concept of curvature. Here we aimed to evaluate the three most common parameterizations of the Logistic and Gompertz nonlinear models with a focus on their nonlinearity and how this might affect inferences, and to establish relations between the parameters under the various expressions of the models. All parameterizations were adjusted to the growth data from pequi fruit. The intrinsic and parametric curvature described by Bates and Watts were calculated for each parameter. The choice of parameterization affects the nonlinearity measures, thus influencing the reliability and inferences about the estimated parameters. The most used methodologies presented the highest distance from linearity, showing the importance of analyzing these measures in any growth curve study. We propose that the parameterization in which the estimate of B is the abscissa of the inflection point should be used because of the lower deviations from linearity and direct biological interpretation for all parameters. © 2015 Eduem - Editora da Universidade Estadual de Maringa. All rights reserved.
    Acta Scientiarum Technology 10/2015; 37(4):397-402. DOI:10.4025/actascitechnol.v37i4.27855
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    ABSTRACT: This study aimed to demonstrate a sustainable alternative to the use of residues by treating industrial laundry wastewater, thereby making them useful in producing wood particleboards as furniture. For this purpose, physical, chemical, and mechanical tests were carried out in order to characterize the product, which showed acceptable characteristics for commercial use as elements in the furniture industry. © 2015 Eduem - Editora da Universidade Estadual de Maringa. All rights reserved.
    Acta Scientiarum Technology 10/2015; 37(4):373-379. DOI:10.4025/actascitechnol.v37i4.27556
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    ABSTRACT: Small and medium sized manufacturing companies are important both to economic growth and to supply chains. Yet only limited research has focused on this type of organization – this includes in the area of manufacturing strategy. Using a large scale survey of 149 firms across three States in Brazil, this paper examines the competitive capabilities of small and medium sized manufacturing companies; and the link between their capabilities and performance. Our results show that the best-performing firms are those that lead on capabilities like quality and innovativeness rather than on cost. Much of the available literature on manufacturing strategy emphasizes only four key competitive priorities: cost, flexibility, quality and delivery. Consequently, our results confirm innovativeness as an important, fifth capability for small and medium sized firms in Brazil to maintain or develop. The findings are of relevance both to small and medium sized manufacturing companies in emerging economies and to international firms looking to relocate or outsource to Brazil. © 2015, Eduem - Editora da Universidade Estadual de Maringa. All rights reserved.
    Acta Scientiarum Technology 07/2015; 37(3):379-387. DOI:10.4025/actascitechnol.v37i3.26531
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    ABSTRACT: The aims of this paper is to introduce new approach of separate sets, disconnected sets and connected sets called α- τ-separate sets, α-τ-disconnected sets and α- τ-connected sets of topological spaces with the help of α-open and α-closed sets. On the basis of new introduce approach, some relationship of α-τ-disconnected and α- τ-connected set with α- τ-separate sets have been investigated thoroughly. © 2015, Eduem - Editora da Universidade Estadual de Maringa. All rights reserved.
    Acta Scientiarum Technology 07/2015; 37(3):395-399. DOI:10.4025/actascitechnol.v37i3.17332
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    ABSTRACT: In this work, new type ruled surfaces in terms of B- Smarandache TM1 curves of biharmonic B- slant helices in the SOL3 are studied. We characterize the B- Smarandache TM1 curves in terms of their Bishop curvatures. Additionally, we express some interesting relations. © 2015, Eduem - Editora da Universidade Estadual de Maringa. All rights reserved.
    Acta Scientiarum Technology 07/2015; 37(3):389. DOI:10.4025/actascitechnol.v37i3.17425
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    ABSTRACT: The reduction of the fuel consumption of the vehicles driven by combustion engines is a target of the automakers, governments and drivers. The literature asserts that the adjustment of the driver behavior results in a substantial fuel economy. Specifically, the gear shifting is one aspect of the driver behavior that can be changed by the use of support systems installed in the vehicle that indicate the right moment that the gear must be shifted. The interested community is focused on the development of the algorithms that are implemented in these support systems. These algorithms must be able to arbitrate between two antagonistic objective functions simultaneously: the maximization of the performance and the fuel economy. Thus, this paper demonstrates that it is possible to calculate the trade-off threshold between performance and fuel economy of a vehicle by means of the multiobjective optimization of the gear shifting considering a known driving cycle. To reach this objective, it is created a dynamic model of an automobile base on the literature data; the optimization algorithm implemented is Non-dominated Sorting Genetic Algorithm - II and the driving cycle used is described by the standards ABNT NBR6601:2012 and FTP-72. © 2015, Eduem - Editora da Universidade Estadual de Maringa. All rights reserved.
    Acta Scientiarum Technology 07/2015; 37(3):361-369. DOI:10.4025/actascitechnol.v37i3.26466
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    ABSTRACT: The use of castor oil (Ricinus communis) has been pointed out as an interesting alternative to produce several polymers obtained from step-growth polymerization and are suitable to be used as resins and coatings. The ricinoleate metal complexes Ni[C 17 H 34 (OH)COO] 2, Sn[C 17 H 34 (OH)COO] 2, Co[C17 H 34 (OH)COO] 2 and Fe[C17 H 34(OH)COO] 2 have been prepared and used as catalyst precursors for polyesterification of castor oil and terephthalic acid (TFA). The observed catalytic activity decreased in the order: Fe[C17H34 (OH)COO] 2 > Co[C17H34 (OH)COO] 2 > Sn[C17H34 (OH)COO] 2 > Ni[C17H34 (OH)COO] 2. The new polymeric materials did not show homogeneity in their chains, as indicated by their high polydispersity. Indeed, the polydispersity index value varied from 5.49 for the polymer produced in the presence of the nickel complex to 12.42 for these prepared with the cobalt compound. On the other hand, the final material presented high molecular weight, being the lower value (Mw = 13400 Da) observed for the polymer prepared with the nickel complex and the highest (Mw = 36400 Da) verified for the one obtained with the cobalt compound. It was observed only a glass transition temperature for all the materials, suggesting an amorphous structure of polymeric chains. © 2015, Eduem - Editora da Universidade Estadual de Maringa. All rights reserved.
    Acta Scientiarum Technology 07/2015; 37(3):419-424. DOI:10.4025/actascitechnol.v37i3.25056
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    ABSTRACT: The Flash Profile is a descriptive analysis method derived from Free-Choice Profile, in which each taster chooses and uses his/her own words to evaluate the product while comparing several attributes. Four passion fruit juices were analyzed, two juices were produced with concentrated juice, one with pulp and one with reconstituted juice; all juices had different levels of sugar, some had gum and dyes. This study aimed to evaluate the physicochemical properties (color, titratable acidity and solid content) as well as sensory analysis like Flash profile and affective test. In physicochemical characterization and in Flash Profile, the juice A (pulp) had higher solid content and consistence, the juice B (concentrated juice) was the least acidic and presented the lowest value of soluble solids and presented strong aroma and flavor of passion-fruit, the juice C (reconstituted juice) was pale yellow and showed artificial flavor and the juice D (concentrated juice) was the most acidic, consistent with the natural flavor. In the acceptance test, all the juices scored 5-6, indicating that panelists tasters neither liked nor disliked. Flash Profile proved to be an easy and rapid technique showing a good correlation between panelists and the attributes and confirmed the results of physicochemical characterization. © 2015, Eduem - Editora da Universidade Estadual de Maringa. All rights reserved.
    Acta Scientiarum Technology 07/2015; 37(3):337-344. DOI:10.4025/actascitechnol.v37i3.26238
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    ABSTRACT: Optimization methods in discrete-event simulation have become widespread in numerous applications. However, the methods´ performance falls sharply in terms of computational time when more than one decision variable is handled. Current assay develops an adaptive genetic algorithm for the simulation optimization capable of achieving satisfactory results in time efficiency and response quality when compared to optimization software packages on the market. A series of experiments was elaborated to define the algorithm’s most significant parameters and to propose adaptations. According to the results, the most significant parameters are population size and number of generations. Further, adaptive strategies were proposed for these parameters which enabled the algorithm to obtain good results in response quality and time necessary to converge when compared to a commercial software package. © 2015, Eduem - Editora da Universidade Estadual de Maringa. All rights reserved.
    Acta Scientiarum Technology 07/2015; 37(3):321-328. DOI:10.4025/actascitechnol.v37i3.25986
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    ABSTRACT: A diet rich in food derived from vegetables reduces the risk of developing chronic and degenerative diseases and provides the essential nutrients for human consumption. Besides soybean, other foods of vegetal origin have been studied and incorporated in healthy formulations, such as quinoa and linseed. Current assay comprises a sensorial analysis of a product of vegetable origin, a soy product, based on quinoa and flaxseed, considered to be functional food, for its organoleptic characteristics acceptable by a sample group of 80 individuals. Several tests were conducted to reach an adequate formulation for the product, characterized by 11.1 g of protein content, 9.6 g of dietary fiber and low levels of lipids, since it had only 1.4 g. The resulting product revealed adequate microbiological conditions when subjected to microbiological analysis (coliforms at 45ºC; coliforms at 35ºC and Staphylococcus aureus). According to scores in the sensory analysis, it may be assumed that the product was accepted by the sample group. The favorable results indicate the possibility of consumers adhering to a processed diet rich in food derived from vegetables, with functional properties, to replace animal-derived food which is rich in saturated fats and low in fiber. © 2015, Eduem - Editora da Universidade Estadual de Maringa. All rights reserved.
    Acta Scientiarum Technology 07/2015; 37(3):345-351. DOI:10.4025/actascitechnol.v37i3.26345