International Journal of Power Electronics (Int J Power Electron )

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IJPElec is a refereed international journal which presents to the international scientific community important results of work in this field, whether in the form of modelling, simulation, analysis, fundamental research, development, application, design or real-time implementation. The scope of IJPElec is broad, encompassing all aspects of power electronics.

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    ABSTRACT: A robust torque, flux and speed controllers design method for Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM) drive is introduced in this paper. A simple algorithm is illustrated to adjust the parameters of torque, flux and speed controllers. This mini-max optimisation problem is solved using Particle Swarm Optimisation Approach (PSO). The solution thus attained is global optimal and robust. The proposed technique discards common problems in conventional Direct Torque Control (DTC) including; torque ripples, resistance change effect, low speed and integration drift. Also it is represented by fast tracking capability, deadbeat responses, and robust to load disturbances and low speed operation. Simulation and experimental results verify the expediency and viability of the proposed technique.
    International Journal of Power Electronics 01/2013; 5(5/6):301-321.
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    ABSTRACT: The paper introduces a design technique for robust PID controllers for inductance capacitance inductance-T network (LCL-T) series parallel resonant converts. AC analysis and stability analysis for LCL-T series parallel converter are premeditated. The converter controllers’ designs are based on bacterial foraging optimisation (BFO). A BFO algorithm is utilised in order to obtain the controller parameters and guarantee superior step response performance criterion. Simulation results of the designed controllers are compared with that of conventional controllers whose parameters are tuned by using will known Ziegler-Nichols technique. Results imply the perfection of the proposed technique over the conventional method. Experimental measurements of system performance validate the proposed technique and emphasise its feasibility.
    International Journal of Power Electronics 01/2012; 4(5):497-504.
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    ABSTRACT: This paper presents the analysis, design and voltage regulation of a zero voltage switching quasi resonant-negative output voltage lift Luo converter with low switching losses for aerospace applications. To increase the power packing density, a simple control method using an analogue resonant controller UC3861 is used to regulate the output voltage against load variation and supply disturbance. The performance of the controller is verified by developing a prototype model of the converter and experimental results are presented. The results reveal the superiority of using a single dedicated IC for voltage regulation. Also, it is observed that the converter provides maximum efficiency of 96% at full load.
    International Journal of Power Electronics 08/2011; 3(5):547-560.
  • International Journal of Power Electronics 01/2011; 3(6):641-651.

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