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  • Archives Des Sciences Journal 09/2013; 66(9).
  • Archives Des Sciences Journal 07/2013; 66(7):100-115.
  • Archives Des Sciences Journal 05/2013; 66(4).
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    ABSTRACT: Interior Permanent magnet synchronous motor (IPMSM)drives have been progressively replacing conventional dc drives in various applications due to its brushless, wide constant speed-power region and low power-loss operation. The IPMSM is a highly nonlinear and time variant system. This means that standard linear techniques cannot model the nonlinear dynamics of the system. Especially IPMSM used in traction needs to be controlled in a wide speed range and good stability during load change. In this paper in MATLAB/ Simulink, the model of whole system is built, to control speed and torque of the machine. To enhance the performance of IPMSM two control loops are designed for current and speed. Interior permanent magnet synchronous motors can be applied to applications requiring wide-speed operations. By using the proposed method, the adjustable speed range can be extended below and above the base speed.In addition, the d-axis current is suitably adjusted to increase the output torque. Conventional PI controller controls the speed but does not guarantee the stability of the machine during the load variation. Novel methods of PI controller are proposed in this system such as Anti Windup PI and Fuzzy PI controller. Current is controlled by PI controller and speed iscontrolled by Anti Windup PI and Fuzzy PI controller. Simulation results establish that the proposed Fuzzy PI controller obtains better dynamic behavior as well as good set point tracking and disturbance rejection propertie
    Archives Des Sciences Journal 03/2013; 66(3):412-423.
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    ABSTRACT: Risks in construction have become a serious consideration topic and plays a leading role in the modern corporation's plans. The construction projects encounter many challenges of risks in order to compete in the construction industry. The construction projects risk factors identified by literature review, primary interviews and pilot questionnaire and then evaluated according to their impacts on the projects. A field survey such as one-to-one interviews and questionnaires are carried out in the Oman construction industry involving three categories, Government (Clients), Contractors and Consultants. The risk factors will be prioritized according to the feedback of the questionnaire based on their overall effectiveness to achieve the planned targets of the projects. This paper additionally presents the use of analytical approach prior to explaining the different experiences in the implementation of risk management. The research approach is a deductive as it relies on data collected from primary and secondary sources. The methods used to this approach are a combination of quantitative and qualitative methods to analyze the data collected. It is expected that the output of this research will assist in prioritizing the risks so that the most significant one are promptly taken under consideration. This will have a good and beneficial contribution to save time and money for both public and private sectors in Oman due to expected awareness and improvements in the risk management procedures.
    Archives Des Sciences Journal 02/2013; 66(2):11.