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  • Journal of Computational Methods in Sciences and Engineering 01/2016;
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    ABSTRACT: In order to improve the management efficiency of rural water conservancy project in China and to promote the development of rural water conservancy informatization, the paper puts forward the comprehensive management system for rural water conservancy project based on internet of things. Firstly, the paper proposes the whole structure based on the system framework of internet of things and describes the function of each layer in detail. Secondly, the application supporting platform based on SOA and ESB is utilized to solve the problem of resource sharing. Lastly, implementation techniques of application system are introduced. The technical performance index and industrialization index before and after the system are improved. The system establishes the foundation for promoting development of the rural water conservancy towards digitalization, infromatization, modernization, automatization, Intellectualization and leads the direction of development of water conservancy informatization.
    Journal of Computational Methods in Sciences and Engineering 08/2015; 15(3):477-488. DOI:10.3233/JCM-150560
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    ABSTRACT: This paper designs and implements a monitoring system for the running state of the minerals development equipment based on wireless sensor network, which can solve many problems. For example, minerals development equipment of Qinghai is fault-prone, and it is difficult to monitor wiring, and it cannot meet the demand of real-time monitoring for the manual inspection. The system sensor nodes collect working current and voltage of the equipment, and achieve connection between WSN short-distance wireless communication and remote Internet via gateway. Users can monitor and manage on the running state of the equipment in real time through the monitoring center ultimately. Field-based installation and testing of system suggests that the average packet loss rate of the network is 0.19%. The transmission of the sensor data is reliability and stability within 30 meters of communication range and larger than 1 dB of nodes power, which can meet the demand of monitoring the operation state of equipment.
    Journal of Computational Methods in Sciences and Engineering 08/2015; 15(3):395-403. DOI:10.3233/JCM-150552
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    ABSTRACT: Industrialization in the process of Chinese city urbanization and city development stage have been promoting a rapid growth in electricity demand. Electricity power demand in China in the process of urbanization inevitably shows the characteristics which some developed countries has appeared in the same process. In order to obtain a reliable prediction of electricity demand, by using the important factor: city urbanization, we make the empirical analysis and research on power demand using the structural vector autoregressive model and impulse response function and variance decomposition method.
    Journal of Computational Methods in Sciences and Engineering 08/2015; 15(3):529-536. DOI:10.3233/JCM-150565

  • Journal of Computational Methods in Sciences and Engineering 08/2015; 15(3):375-384. DOI:10.3233/JCM-150550
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    ABSTRACT: This paper deals with aircraft engine actuator and sensor faults diagnosis with Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy model and H∞ observer. At first, the T-S fuzzy system model of aircraft engine was built by dividing the envelope on the flight. The work process of aircraft engine can be divided into several regions and each region can be described using a set of state space model. Then these local current models can be integrated in full flight envelope to describe the engine working condition. With the nonlinear T-S model of aircraft engine, the actuator and sensor faults observers were designed with H∞ bound norm to estimate the sensor and the actuator faults. In order to diagnose the faults of actuator and sensor simultaneously, a full faults diagnosis logical with T-S model and H∞ observer was designed. With these steps, the aircraft engine actuator and sensor faults could be detected effectively. Finally, a numerical example is given to illustrate the design procedures. Simulation results show the satisfactory performances.
    Journal of Computational Methods in Sciences and Engineering 08/2015; 15(3):423-436. DOI:10.3233/JCM-150555
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    ABSTRACT: To simplify the variables and data structure, and ensure the minimum loss of original data, a Principal Component Analysis-based safety evaluation model was put forward on geological environment in earthquake region, with integrated variables to replace the original multi-dimensional variables. By constructing a safety indicator system and hierarchy of geological environment in earthquake region, the fuzzy decision-making mapping and judgment matrix was established for the geological environment safety, and with Principal Component Analysis, the principal component scores and comprehensive evaluation were determined for the observed objects; Integrated with implied entropy information in observed objects, evaluation model was proposed on the safety on geological environment in earthquake region. Case showed that model had a good effect in dimensionality reduction, which objectively reflected the safety evaluation characteristics of the observed objects and the system about the regional geological environment.
    Journal of Computational Methods in Sciences and Engineering 08/2015; 15(3):559-568. DOI:10.3233/JCM-150568
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    ABSTRACT: This paper studies pedestrian detection algorithm based on trapezoidal feature of local model, and applied to histogram intersection kernel support vector machine (HIKSVM) for verification. In comparison with traditional asymmetry, rectangle and triangle features, the experimental results from trapezoid feature of local model indicate that it can more effectively describe the pedestrian's postures and promote the accuracy and robustness of pedestrian detection. Experimental results show that the proposed algorithm is robust and accurate against cluttered dynamical background, occlusion and the object deformation, and tested in many pedestrian datasets and achieved good results.
    Journal of Computational Methods in Sciences and Engineering 08/2015; 15(3):387-393. DOI:10.3233/JCM-150551
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    ABSTRACT: Aiming at the difficulty of distinguishing texture feature in facial expressions recognition, this paper put forward a LGBP facial expression recognition algorithm based on the character blocking and sparse representation. The main contents are training the block images of different categories expression images and extracting the LGBP features of each sub-block. We construct a over-complete dictionary from which we get the discrepancy vector of each sub-block using sparse representation. Through finding the minimum residual vectors to achieve the recognition of different facial expressions. To some extent, the experimental results based on the JAFFF and Cohn-kanade facial expression database show that this algorithm can effectively overcome the influence of texture feature differences and have higher recognition rate.
    Journal of Computational Methods in Sciences and Engineering 08/2015; 15(3):537-547. DOI:10.3233/JCM-150566
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    ABSTRACT: We investigate the efficiency of compressed sensing by using Orthogonal Matching Pursuit. We prove that if the sampling Matrix has coherence less than 1/20K0.8 and satisfies the Restricted Isometry Property (RIP) of order [CK1.2] with constant δ cK-0.2, then every K-sparse signal x can be recovered from measure values y x via Orthogonal Matching Pursuit in at most optimal approximation on the first [CK1.2] iterations.
    Journal of Computational Methods in Sciences and Engineering 08/2015; 15(3):459-466. DOI:10.3233/JCM-150558
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    ABSTRACT: Vehicular ad-hoc network is a communication network of self-organization, opening structure, which meets the needs of the development of Internet of Vehicles. Modeling and analysis of traffic behavior are conducted based on the method of cellular automata according to vehicle interactive communication under vehicular ad-hoc network environment. Simulation show the traffic wave phenomenon in stop and go, which is analyzed in quantitative and qualitative ways. Research on complex characteristics of Vehicular ad-hoc network transit traffic system by modeling and simulation has been carried out so as to provide scientific theory for Internet of Vehicles transit Operation and management later.
    Journal of Computational Methods in Sciences and Engineering 08/2015; 15(3):507-513. DOI:10.3233/JCM-150563
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    ABSTRACT: Based on SSH2 technology, this paper carries on the design of the basic management module of accounting operation and management control platform of Zhejiang mobile company, which includes the analysis of time series, the design of the process, the definition of input and output data, etc.
    Journal of Computational Methods in Sciences and Engineering 08/2015; 15(3):367-373. DOI:10.3233/JCM-150549
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    ABSTRACT: This paper presents an analytical solution of nonlinear differential equation of micro-structures subjected to electrostatic fields. The constitutive equation of such a model is a second order differential equation (ODE). The problem is solved when the assumption of linear deflection is considered. However, deflection of micro cantilevers in practical applications is non-linear. Moreover, the constitutive ODE is stiff and various numerical algorithms used to solve it yield non-consistent numerical solutions. A deduction order method - Lie group symmetry is employed to reduce the order of the ODE. Although the resulting first order ODE has no symmetry that would guarantee an explicit close form solution, it enables an analytical formulation for the no-damping assumption only. The restoring force term in the first order ODE reveals the pull-in voltage as expressed in classical MEMS textbooks. It is shown that the numerical solution for the second order ODE and the reduced first order ODE are same. Finding any symmetry other than translation, scaling or rotation will enable the reduction of the first order ODE and thus, the formulation of an analytical solution to this highly non-linear problem.
    Journal of Computational Methods in Sciences and Engineering 08/2015; 15(3):327-338. DOI:10.3233/JCM-150546
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    ABSTRACT: In this investigation, an intelligent technique is used to analyze the deposition efficiency (DE) of micro-particles in a realistic human upper airway model. To do so, firstly a numerical framework including computerized tomography (CT) imaging, geometry production software and mesh generation tool is utilized to provide a bed for simulating the human airway. Thereafter, the simulated airway is exposed to computational fluid-particle dynamics (CFPD) system to study the complete upper trachea-bronchial airway from trachea (G0) to second generation of bifurcations (G2). At the numerical phase, low Reynolds number (LRN) k- turbulence model is considered to simulate the laminar to turbulent occurred airflow. At the final stage, the obtained knowledge is used to provide a continuous model suited for analyzing the DE value in different sections of human upper airway. Here, the authors utilize a fast yet accurate intelligent interpolator called extreme learning machine (ELM) neural network to capture the knowledge of the obtained database. Bio-inspired metaheuristics are also used to evolve the architecture of ELM neural network such that it can predict the DE values with a high degree of accuracy and robustness. The results of the conducted experiments indicate that the proposed bio-inspired ELM interpolator is capable of providing a fast and accurate model which can yield proper information in a very short period of time as compared to the existing numerical techniques such as CFD. On the other hand, by using different types of bio-inspired metaheuristics, i.e. mutable smart bee algorithm (MSBA), particle swarm optimization (PSO), firefly algorithm (FA) and scale-factor local search differential evolution (SFLSDE), it is observed that the structure of ELM neural network can be easily trained using metaheuristics. In general, the experimental results demonstrate the applicability and efficacy of soft computing techniques for predicting the DE values in human upper airway.
    Journal of Computational Methods in Sciences and Engineering 08/2015; 15(3):339-358. DOI:10.3233/JCM-150547
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    ABSTRACT: Aiming at poor precision of the visible foreign body visual inspection in oral liquid, This paper adopt improved image processing algorithm to achieve the accurate detection of foreign body. Using joint difference way to separate the background at the same time improve the energy value of target. Using slope correlation determine whether filling possible fracture and hole in the target. Using self-adaption search algorithm independent choice expansion direction to realize the virtual Foreign body target accurate search. Through the change of form and movement direction difference to eliminate the interference of bubbles, eventually identify the real foreign body target. Experimental results show that the improved foreign body target visual detection steps enhance the detection accuracy of tiny hair and fiber target, the average error rate is less than 2%. It has important guiding significance for foreign body in oral liquid monitoring on the actual production and ensure the safety use of related products.
    Journal of Computational Methods in Sciences and Engineering 08/2015; 15(3):447-455. DOI:10.3233/JCM-150557
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    ABSTRACT: Accuracy system model and its parameters are of great importance in stability and security evaluation or simulation for power systems. The electro-hydraulic servo and actuator is one of the most important components in the system. A mathematical model for the electro-hydraulic servo and actuator system developed on the working principle of each component has model parameters with clear physical meanings that can be obtained from field test data. The model is validated by data from four reheat turbines with different digital electro-hydraulic (DEH) control systems. Simulations show that the model agrees well with the test data when the servo cards are either proportional or proportional integral controllers. The results also show that the IEEE model parameters can be derived by this model.
    Journal of Computational Methods in Sciences and Engineering 08/2015; 15(3):437-446. DOI:10.3233/JCM-150556
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    ABSTRACT: In this letter, the shifted Legendre polynomials are employed for solving the natural heat convection heat transfer. The operational matrix of derivative for the shifted Legendre polynomial are derived. Then the shifted Legendre polynomials expansions along with this operational matrix are applied for solving the natural convection governing equations. The advantage of the proposed method is that the need for guessing and correcting the velocity and temperature slopes, f'' (0), and θ' (0) during the solution procedure is eliminated. Moreover, by using the given boundary conditions in the problem, a stable solution can be derived. The proposed method is evaluated by obtaining the similarity solutions of free convection along a vertical isothermal flat plate. The results obtained through this direct innovative solution show higher efficiency and performance in comparison with the conventional shooting method.
    Journal of Computational Methods in Sciences and Engineering 08/2015; 15(3):317-326. DOI:10.3233/JCM-150572
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    ABSTRACT: This paper discusses the important role of human-computer interaction in computer aided inspected points planning process, and put forward the technical requirements of inspected points planning system must have in order to achieve the full capacity of human-computer interaction. Using second-development platform of UG, we designed a framework of computer aided inspected points planning system which can fully carry out human-computer interaction. Then we proposes two planning strategy which can fully meet the human-computer interaction requirements.
    Journal of Computational Methods in Sciences and Engineering 08/2015; 15(3):569-583. DOI:10.3233/JCM-150569
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    ABSTRACT: Multiple mode production process is a kind of production process which has many stable operating points. The transitional mode is the transient process which links up two stable operating points. This transitional mode has complex dynamic characteristics. According to the characteristics of transitional mode itself, based on the difference principal component analysis method, this thesis puts forward an operation performance evaluation method for evaluating transitional mode of multiple mode production processes. This method can effectively evaluate the running state of transitional mode. It can help to improve the efficiency of the production process and ensure production safety. It is important to improve the economic benefits of production process.
    Journal of Computational Methods in Sciences and Engineering 08/2015; 15(3):415-421. DOI:10.3233/JCM-150554