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Publications in this journal

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    ABSTRACT: The stability and chaotic vibrations of a pipe conveying fluid with both ends fixed, excited by the harmonic motion of its supporting base in a direction normal to the pipe span, were investigated with the aid of modern numerical techniques, involving the phase portrait, Lyapunov exponent and Poincare map etc. The nonlinear differential equations of motion of the system were derived by considering the additional axial force due to the lateral motion of the pipe. Attention was concentrated on the effect of forcing frequency and flow velocity on the dynamics of the system. It is shown that chaotic motions can occur in this system in a certain region of parameter space, and it is also found that three types of routes to chaos exist in the system: (i)period-doubling bifurcations; (ii)quasi-periodic motions; and (iii)intermittent chaos.
    Journal of Shanghai University (English Edition) 05/2012; 4(3):179-185.
  • [Show abstract] [Hide abstract]
    ABSTRACT: The calculation procedure of the continuum mechanics of textured polycrystals (CMTP) method is reviewed to estimate calculating time with various yield functions (YFs). A so-called semi-quadratic YF is proposed to eliminate time-consuming numerical calculation and avoid the decrease of prediction precision. The reasonability of the new YF is proved by making the comparisons between predicted R-values and earing behaviour for some materials and the experimental results.
    Journal of Shanghai University (English Edition) 05/2012; 4(4):327-331.
  • [Show abstract] [Hide abstract]
    ABSTRACT: In this paper, the improvement of pure random search is studied. By taking some information of the function to be minimized into consideration, the authors propose two stochastic global optimization algorithms. Some numerical experiments for the new stochastic global optimization algorithms are presented for a class of test problems.
    Journal of Shanghai University (English Edition) 05/2012; 4(2):92-95.
  • [Show abstract] [Hide abstract]
    ABSTRACT: In this paper, the second generation wavelet transform is applied to image lossless coding, according to its characteristic of reversible integer wavelet transform. The second generation wavelet transform can provide higher compression ratio than Huffman coding while it reconstructs image without loss compared with the first generation wavelet transform. The experimental results show that the second generation wavelet transform can obtain excellent performance in medical image compression coding.
    Journal of Shanghai University (English Edition) 04/2012; 4(3):225-229.
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    ABSTRACT: A new watermarking scheme using principal component analysis (PCA) is described. The proposed method inserts highly robust watermarks into still images without degrading their visual quality. Experimental results are presented, showing that the PCA-based watermarks can resist malicious attacks including lowpass filtering, re-scaling, and compression coding.
    Journal of Shanghai University (English Edition) 04/2012; 4(1):22-26.
  • [Show abstract] [Hide abstract]
    ABSTRACT: In this paper, a novel hybrid method is presented for finding global optimization of an objective function. Based on the interval computation, this hybrid method combines interval deterministic method and stochastic evolution method. It can find global optimization quickly while ensuring the deterministic and stability of the algorithm. When using interval computation, extra width constraints accuracy of interval computation results. In this paper, a splitting method to reduce the extra width is introduced. This method is easy and it can get a more precise interval computation result. When finding the global optimization, it can increase the efficiency of pruning. Several experiments are given to illustrate the advantage of the new hybrid method.
    Journal of Shanghai University (English Edition) 10/2011; 15(5).
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    ABSTRACT: The quality of virtual view based on multi-view video (MVD) plus depth format is often evaluated by PSNR or subjectively judged. However, due to synthesizing arbitrary view images, the virtual view images mostly have no reference images and are only assessed using non-reference. Virtual view images synthesized by depth estimation reference software (DERS) and view synthesis reference software (VSRS) often accompanied with blockiness and other distortions on the edge. In addition, matching level for the depth map and the corresponding texture maps of left and right views also affects the quality of the virtual view. This paper compares the edge similarity of the depth and the corresponding texture maps which generate the intermediate virtual view and combined with the virtual view’s blockiness which causing blur to evaluate the quality of the virtual view. Experiment results show that the proposed method can reflect the quality of the virtual view better. Keywordsnon-reference quality evaluation–virtual view–multi-viewvideo (MVD) plus depth–free viewpoint television (FTV)
    Journal of Shanghai University (English Edition) 08/2011; 15(4):342-346.
  • [Show abstract] [Hide abstract]
    ABSTRACT: In order to estimate the number of coherent sources, a Hankel matrix with the size of half the number of the received arrays is constructed using snapshot data of observed vectors. And the rank of the Hankel matrix is only related with the number of signal sources, no matter the signals are uncorrelated or coherent. We can get the signal and noise eigenvalues by conducting the singular value decomposition (SVD) to the Hankel matrix, the source number can be obtained by calculating the maximum ratio of each eigenvalue pair. The complexity of the algorithm is reduced greatly as only part of the observed data (single snapshot) is used. The Monte-Carlo simulation results demonstrate the feasibility of the algorithm. Keywordssource number estimation–coherent signals–Hankel matrix–single snapshot
    Journal of Shanghai University (English Edition) 02/2011; 15(1):75-78.
  • Source
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    ABSTRACT: A fragility calculation scheme is estabtished in this paper for porcelain-type equipments subjected to random earthquake ground motions. All steps of the method are illustrated by the seismic damage analysis of GW4-110 disconnect switch. The model of the equipment is built applying the finite element method with flexible joints, and the seismic response of the equipment is analyzed using elastic time history method. On the base, according to the strength damage index and Monte-Carlo Method, the seismic damage ratios are counted and the seismic fragility curves are presented. Then the seismic damage of GW4-110 disconnect switch can be predicted. Keywordsdisconnect switch–fragility–random earthquake ground motion–strength damage index
    Journal of Shanghai University (English Edition) 01/2011; 15(3):180-184.
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    ABSTRACT: Depth maps are used for synthesis virtual view in free-viewpoint television (FTV) systems. When depth maps are derived using existing depth estimation methods, the depth distortions will cause undesirable artifacts in the synthesized views. To solve this problem, a 3D video quality model base depth maps (D-3DV) for virtual view synthesis and depth map coding in the FTV applications is proposed. First, the relationships between distortions in coded depth map and rendered view are derived. Then, a precisely 3DV quality model based depth characteristics is develop for the synthesized virtual views. Finally, based on D-3DV model, a multilateral filtering is applied as a pre-processed filter to reduce rendering artifacts. The experimental results evaluated by objective and subjective methods indicate that the proposed D-3DV model can reduce bit-rate of depth coding and achieve better rendering quality. Keywordsfree-viewpoint television (FTV)–3D video quality model base depth maps (D-3DV)–view synthesis
    Journal of Shanghai University (English Edition) 01/2011; 15(4):335-341.
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    ABSTRACT: The valence band offsets of the strained and longitudinally relaxed diamond/cubic boron-nitride (c-BN) (110) superlattice are investigated by the plane wave density functional theory approach and using the on-site core electron as a reference energy level. For the strained diamond/c-BN superlattice, the valence band offset of around 1.50 eV is in good agreement with those using all the electrons methods. As for the longitudinally relaxed superlattice, the valence band offset of around 1.28 eV is smaller than that of the strained superlattice. The reason for this is mainly due to the split of the valence band maximum caused by the anisotropic strain. Keywordsdiamond/cubic boron-nitride(c-BN)–superlattice–valence band offsets–density functional theory–core level
    Journal of Shanghai University (English Edition) 01/2011; 15(3):218-222.
  • [Show abstract] [Hide abstract]
    ABSTRACT: A class of second-order nonlinear damped perturbed differential equations is considered and its oscillation theorems are studied. These theorems are more general and deal with the cases which are not covered by the known criteria. Particularly, these criteria extend and unify some existing results. An example is given to verify the results.
    Journal of Shanghai University (English Edition) 01/2011; 15(6).
  • [Show abstract] [Hide abstract]
    ABSTRACT: Transmission properties of fractal Cantor distribution with left-handed materials (LHM) are investigated. The transmittance and reflectance spectra can be calculated by using the optical transmission matrix method. Comparing with the conventional Cantor multilayers, these structures with LHM have double functions of stopbands and defects. Through adjusting the thickness of dielectric layers, the properties of stopbands and defects can be obtained, respectively. For stopbands, a broad stopband filter is studied. For defect modes, multi-frequencies narrow passband filters are proposed. Keywordsleft-handed materials (LHM)–fractal Cantor structure–stopband filter–narrow passband filter–transmittance and reflectance
    Journal of Shanghai University (English Edition) 01/2011; 15(1):35-37.
  • [Show abstract] [Hide abstract]
    ABSTRACT: A distributed optical fiber disturbance detection system consisted of a Sagnac interferometer and a Mach-Zehnder interferometer is demonstrated. Two interferometers outputs are connected to an electric band-pass filter via a detector respectively. The central frequencies of the two filters are selected adaptively according to the disturbance frequency. The disturbance frequency is obtained by either frequency spectrum of the two interferometers outputs. An alarm is given out only when the Sagnac interferometer output is changed. A disturbance position is determined by calculating a time difference with a cross-correlation method between the filter output connected to the Sagnac interferometer and derivative of the filter output connected to the Mach-Zehnder interferometer. The frequency spectrum, derivative and cross-correlation are obtained by a signal processing system. Theory analysis and simulation results are presented. They show that the system structure and location method are effective, accurate, and immune to environmental variations. KeywordsSagnac interferometer–Mach-Zehnder interferometer–distributed optical fiber disturbance detection system–cross-correlation–location
    Journal of Shanghai University (English Edition) 01/2011; 15(2):115-118.
  • [Show abstract] [Hide abstract]
    ABSTRACT: As the appearance of local dimming technique, the current existing test methods are not suitable for testing the power consumption of the LCD TVs using the local dimming technique any longer. A test method appropriate to LED backlight LCD TVs using the local dimming technique is proposed in this paper, and then the test software is developed. The results demonstrate that the test software developed can show the real average power consumption of the LCD using local dimming technique, and by normalization the power consumption become comparable for not only local dimming LCD TVs but global dimming LCD TVs. Using the software developed in this paper, the ratio of power saving is clear when an LCD TV using the local dimming technique compared with one without local dimming technique. Keywordslocal dimming–global dimming–power consumption test–comparison
    Journal of Shanghai University (English Edition) 01/2011; 15(4):267-271.
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    ABSTRACT: In this paper, equivalent surface impedance boundary condition (ESIBC), which takes fractal parameters (D, G) into SIBC, is implemented in the 4-component 2-D compact finite difference frequency domain (2-D CFDFD) method to analyze the propagation characteristics of lossy circular waveguide with fractal rough surface based on Weierstrass-Mandelbrot (W-M) function. Fractal parameters’ effects on attenuation constant are presented in the 3 mm lossy circular waveguide, and the attenuation constants of the first three modes vary monotonically with scaling constant (G) and decrease as the fractal dimension (D) increasing. Keywordsfractal–roughness–2-D compact fimte difference frequency domain (2-D CFDFD)–equivalent surface impedance boundary condition (ESIBC)–attenuation constant
    Journal of Shanghai University (English Edition) 01/2011; 15(3):185-189.
  • [Show abstract] [Hide abstract]
    ABSTRACT: To improve localization accuracy, the spherical microphone arrays are used to capture high-order wavefield information. For the far field sound sources, the array signal model is constructed based on plane wave decomposition. The spatial spectrum function is calculated by minimum variance distortionless response (MVDR) to scan the three-dimensional space. The peak values of the spectrum function correspond to the directions of multiple sound sources. A diagonal loading method is adopted to solve the ill-conditioned cross spectrum matrix of the received signals. The loading level depends on the alleviation of the ill-condition of the matrix and the accuracy of the inverse calculation. Compared with plane wave decomposition method, our proposed localization algorithm can acquire high spatial resolution and better estimation for multiple sound source directions, especially in low signal to noise ratio (SNR). Keywordssource localization–spherical microphone arrays–minimum variance distortionless response (MVDR)–plane wave decomposition
    Journal of Shanghai University (English Edition) 01/2011; 15(1):21-25.
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    ABSTRACT: The optical flow analysis of the image sequence based on the formal lattice Boltzmann equation, with different DdQm models, is discussed in this paper. The algorithm is based on the lattice Boltzmann method (LBM), which is used in computational fluid dynamics theory for the simulation of fluid dynamics. At first, a generalized approximation to the formal lattice Boltzmann equation is discussed. Then the effects of different DdQm models on the results of the optical flow estimation are compared with each other, while calculating the movement vectors of pixels in the image sequence. The experimental results show that the higher dimension DdQm models, e.g., D3Q15 are more effective than those lower dimension ones. Keywords optical flow constraint, image sequence, the formal lattice Boltzmann equation, DdQm model, Lucas and Kanade's method, Horn and Schunck's method.
    Journal of Shanghai University (English Edition) 01/2011; 15:363-368.
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    ABSTRACT: With the increase of gray scale and flat panel display (FPD) size, subspace bitwise scanning strategy can be replaced traditional scanning method to cut down frame frequency. However, the direct searching strategy (DSS) becomes unfeasible to obtain corresponding high gray scale scanning matrix. Thus, particle swarm optimization (PSO) is introduced to accelerate searching for high gray scale weights scanning matrix (WSM) with its parallelism and global optimization feature. Finally a WSM of 256 gray scales is found out successfully with Matlab, which both gray linearity and scanning efficiency are satisfied. Keywordsflat panel display (FPD)–gray scale–scanning efficiency (SE)–weights scanning matrix (WSM)–particle swarm optimization (PSO)
    Journal of Shanghai University (English Edition) 01/2011; 15(3):207-211.