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  • Gopal Ji Baranwal · Savita Upadhyay · Avinash C. Tripathi · Shailendra K. Saraf
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    ABSTRACT: A new simple, selective, accurate, rapid, stability indicating High Performance Liquid Chromatographic (HPLC) method was developed and validated for the analysis of such a combination of losartan potassium, glimepiride and metformin. Chromatographic separation was achieved isocratically on C18 column [PRINCETON SPHER – 100, (100 A0- 5μm, 150 mm x 4.6 i.d.).] utilizing a mobile phase composition of 10 mM disodium hydrogen phosphate and 10 mM sodium dodecyl sulphate buffer and acetonitrile (68:32, v/v), with a pH of 7.5 (adjusted with orthophosphoric acid) at a flow rate of 1.0 mL/min, with UV detection at 230 nm. The calibration graphs were linear with r2 >0.999 and % RSD> 3 for intra-day and inter-day precision. The retention time of losartan, glimepiride and metformin was 1.39, 4.27, 9.36 min., respectively. The limit of detection and limit of quantitation for losartan, glimepiride and metformin was 0.0382, 0.00473, 0.09331 and 0.1273, 0.0157, 0.31104 respectively. The drugs were subjected to various stress conditions, as per ICH guidelines. The stability indicating studies showed that neither the degradation products nor the excipients interfered in the estimation of drugs. Hence, this method was specific and can be successfully used for the estimation of these drugs in combined dosage forms.
    Rasayan Journal of Chemistry 10/2015; 8(3):287-297.
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    ABSTRACT: A Facile route has been developed to afford N,N- Dimethyl para phenylene diamine dihydrochloride (NNPPDA) under high pressure condition using N,N-Dimethyl amine HCl and 4-Chloro Nitrobenzene in DMF/NaHCO3 system followed by Raney nickel reduction and hydrochloride salt formation. This scalable and economical process ends up with 99% isolated yield on kilo scale.
    Rasayan Journal of Chemistry 04/2015; 8(2):164-166.
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    ABSTRACT: Solvent free synthesis of substituted Coumarins by Von Pechmann condensation of phenols with β-ketoesters catalyzed by Zn [(L)-Proline]2as an organometallic catalyst by microwave irradiation method. Our present protocol is economical and clean comprise of green reagent, solvent and catalyst.
    Rasayan Journal of Chemistry 04/2015; 8(2):194-197.
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    ABSTRACT: Contamination of roadside soil and farmland with heavy metals due to traffic activities is an environmental hazard causing pollution, thereby affecting the eco-system. The present study is aimed to determine the impact of vehicular activity on soil and farmlands abetting the National highway 4 from Nelamangala to Dabaspet in the periphery of Bangalore city with contrasting traffic densities. The concentrations of heavy metals Titanium, Manganese, Iron, Zinc, Strontium and Zirconium across the highway were determined and the status of soil health due to traffic activity is presented. © 2015, Rasayan Journal of Chemistry, c/o Dr. Pratima Sharma. All rights reserved.
    Rasayan Journal of Chemistry 04/2015; 8(2):232-236.
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    ABSTRACT: The application of microwaves as an efficient form of volumetric heating to promote organic reactions was recognized in the mid-1980 s. It has a much longer history in the food research and industry where microwave irradiation was studied in depth to optimize food browning and the development of synthetic reactions. Microwave organic synthesis opens up new opportunities to the synthetic chemist in the form of new reaction that are not possible by conventional heating and serve a flexible platform for chemical reaction. The time saved by using focused microwaves is potentially important in traditional organic synthesis but could be of even greater importance in high-speed combinatorial and medicinal chemistry. The study presents examples that demonstrate the significance of these advantages to industrial application.
    Rasayan Journal of Chemistry 04/2015; 8(2):176-185.
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    ABSTRACT: Benzimidazole derivatives plays important role in medical field with so many pharmacological activities such as antimicrobial, antiviral, antidiabetic, anticancer, activity. Various2-substituted benzimidazole derivatives in moderate to good yield have been prepared in one-spot reaction by condensation of o-phenylenediamine and different aromatic acid in the presence of ammonium chloride as catalyst at 80-90°C. The reaction is green and economically viable.
    Rasayan Journal of Chemistry 04/2015; 8(2):213-217.
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    ABSTRACT: Naphthylchalcones namely (E)-3-(4-chloro phenyl)-1-(naphthalen-1-yl) prop-2-en-1-one (Compound-I), (E)-3- phenyl-1-(naphthalen-1-yl) prop-2-en-1-one (Compound-II), (E)-3-(4-methyl phenyl)-1-(naphthalen-1-yl) prop-2- en-1-one (Compound-III) and (E)-3-(4-methoxy phenyl)-1-(naphthalen-1-yl) prop-2-en-1-one (Compound-IV) have been synthesized and investigated as a corrosion inhibitors in sulphuric acid medium using weight loss measurements. From weight loss measurements, the inhibition efficiency of the naphthyl chalcones were found to dependent on the inhibitors concentration and nature in weight loss and an increase in the percentage inhibition. The order of inhibition efficiency of the compounds from weight loss measurements decreases in the following order: Compound IV_ Compound-III _ Compound-II _ Compound-I. The compound IV (-OCH3) has the highest inhibition efficiency (99.04%).
    Rasayan Journal of Chemistry 04/2015; 8(2):156-160.
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    ABSTRACT: A selective and sensitive reversed phase UPLC-MS/MS method was developed and validated for the simultaneous determination of four GTIs (viz., LAL, LAC, LTA, LHP) in levofloxacin drug substance. The chromatographic separation was performed on Acquity UPLC BEH C18 column (2.1 mm x 100 mm, 1.7 μm) using gradient elution of acetonitrile in methanol (75:25, v/v) and 5.0 mM ammonium acetate buffer at flow rate of 0.3 mL/min. Positive electrospray ionization (ESI) mode was operated for quantification of all four impurities. The total run time was 20 min, within which levofloxacin and its four impurities were well separated. The developed method was validated as per ICH guidelines in terms of specificity, linearity, limit of detection, limit of quantification, accuracy, precision and robustness. The calibration curve shows good linearity over the concentration range of 0.15-2.0 ppm for all four impurities. The correlation coefficient obtained was >0.9998 in each case. Method has very low limit of detection (LOD) and limit of quantification (LOQ). The method provided the accuracy between 92.66-102.70% for all the four impurities. The developed method was successfully applied for five formulation batches of levofloxacin to determine the above mentioned impurities.
    Rasayan Journal of Chemistry 01/2015; 8(1):47-55.
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    ABSTRACT: The FT-IR and FT-Raman spectra of Hexaflourobenzene were recorded in the condensed State. Normal co-ordinate calculations were performed with the DFT force field were corrected by a recommended set of scaling factors yielding fairly good agreement between observed and calculated frequencies. The geometry optimization and energy calculations of Hexaflourobenzene were carried out using DFT (B3LYP) methods with 6-31+G* and 6-311+G** basis sets.The Cartesian representation of the theoretical force constants have been computed at optimized geometry by assuming C s point group symmetry. The transformation of force field from Cartesian to internal coordinates, the scaling, the subsequent normal coordinate analysis (NCA) including the least-square fit refinement of the scale factors, calculation of potential energy distribution (PED) and prediction of IR and Raman intensities were done on a PC with the version V7.0 of the Molvib program written by Sundius. The total energies obtained for these were found to be -827.59697782 a.u.
    Rasayan Journal of Chemistry 01/2015; 8(1):37-41.
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    ABSTRACT: An activated carbon with good surface characteristics was prepared from eco-friendly and renewable source (silk cotton fibers) using microwave hydrothermal heating process. The column mode adsorption studies of an anionic dye Acid blue 113 with a molecular formula (C32H21N5Na2O6S2) were demonstrated. The Bohart-Adams, Thomas and Yoon-Nelson kinetic models were used in this study. The YN model provides excellent fit with very high r2 (0.9611 to 0.9873) for all the range of concentration, flow rate and bed height under investigation.
    Rasayan Journal of Chemistry 01/2015; 8(1):84-91.
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    ABSTRACT: Reaction between 4-nitro phenyl acid hydrazide with 4-[N'-(1-Ethoxycarbonyl-2-oxo-propylidene)-hydrazino]-2-hydroxy-benzoic acid in ethanol furnishes 1-[4-nitro-benzoyl]-3-methyl-4-(4-carboxy-3-hydroxy-phen-4-yl-hydrazono)-2-pyrazoline-5-ones (NtH-ASA). The transition metal complexes of Cu2+ , Co 2+ ,Ni2+ , Mn2+ and Zn2+ of NtH-ASA have been prepared and characterized by elemental analyses, spectral studies, magnetic moment determination, molar conductivity measurement and microbicidal activity.
    Rasayan Journal of Chemistry 01/2015; 8(1):18-23.
  • Rasayan Journal of Chemistry 07/2014;