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Debreceni Egyetem, Matematika Intézet

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    ABSTRACT: We give an analogue of Hamburger's theorem for the Euler double zeta function.
    Publicationes mathematicae 01/2015; 86(1-2):89-98. DOI:10.5486/PMD.2015.6076
  • [Show abstract] [Hide abstract]
    ABSTRACT: Let.A4 be any von Neumann algebra with the center Z(M). For any scalar xi, denote by [A, B](xi) = AB BA the xi-Lie product of A, B is an element of M. Assume that L : M -> M is an additive map. It is shown that, if.A4 has no central summands of type I-1 or type I-2, then L satisfies L([A, B]) = [L (A), B] + [A, L(B)] whenever [A, B] = 0 if and only if there exists an element Z(0) is an element of Z(M), an additive map h : M -> Z(M) and an additive derivation phi: M -> M such that L(A) = phi (A)+h(A)+Z(0)A for all A is an element of M; if M has no central summands of type I-1, then L satisfies L([A, B](xi)) = [L(A), B](xi) +[A, L(B)](xi) whenever [A, B](xi) = 0 with xi not equal 1 if and only if L(I) is an element of Z(M) and there exists an additive derivation phi : M -> M such that phi(xi A) = xi phi(A) and L (A) = phi(A) + L(I)A for all A is an element of M. A result in [22] is improved for prime algebra case.
    Publicationes mathematicae 01/2015; 86(1-2):99-117. DOI:10.5486/PMD.2015.6084
  • [Show abstract] [Hide abstract]
    ABSTRACT: An algebra-geometric method for determining the rational solvability of autonomous algebraic ordinary differential equations is extended from single equations of order 1 to systems of equations of arbitrary order but dimension 1 in the algebro-geometric sense. We provide necessary conditions, for the existence of rational solutions, on the degree and on the structure at infinity of the associated algebraic curve. Furthermore, from a rational parametrization of a planar projection of the corresponding space curve one deduces, either by derivation or by lifting the planar parametrization, the existence and actual computation of all rational solutions if they exist. Moreover, if the differential polynomials are defined over the rational numbers, we can express the rational solutions over the same field of coefficients.
    Publicationes mathematicae 01/2015; 86(1-2):49-69. DOI:10.5486/PMD.2015.6032
  • Publicationes mathematicae 01/2015; 86(1-2):169-182. DOI:10.5486/PMD.2015.7043
  • [Show abstract] [Hide abstract]
    ABSTRACT: The main purpose of this paper is to characterize, not necessarily linear, generalized (weakly) peripherally multiplicative maps between Figa-Talamanca Herz algebras. Let G1 and G2 be locally compact Hausdorff groups, Gamma and Omega be arbitrary nonempty sets, and 1 < p < infinity. We characterize surjections S-1 : Gamma -> A(p)(G(1)), S-2 : Omega -> A(p)(G(1)), T-1 : Gamma -> A(p)(G(2)) and T-2 : Omega -> A(p)(G(2)) satisfying parallel to T-1(gamma)T-2 (omega)parallel to(infinity) = parallel to S-1 (gamma) S-2 (omega) parallel to(infinity) for all gamma is an element of Gamma, omega is an element of Omega. We apply this to get a description of certain peripherally multiplicative maps. In particular, it is shown that if surjections T-1,T-2 : A(p)(G(1)) -> A(p)(G(2)) satisfy R-pi(T-1(f)T-2(g)) subset of R-pi (f g) for all f, g is an element of A(p)(G(1)), or R-pi (f g) subset of R-pi(T-1(f)T-2(g)) for all f, g is an element of A(p)(G(1)), then T-1 and T-2 are weighted composition operators. For amenable groups G(1) and G(2) T-1 and T-2 are shown to be weighted isomorphisms which induce an algebra isomorphism between Ap (GO and A(p)(G(2)). Moreover, when one of G(1) or G(2) is first countable, precise characterizations of weakly peripherally multiplicative maps are obtained. Conditions are also given to guarantee that T-1 and T-2 are algebra isomorphisms.
    Publicationes mathematicae 01/2015; 86(1-2):71-88. DOI:10.5486/PMD.2015.6034
  • [Show abstract] [Hide abstract]
    ABSTRACT: In this paper, we examine the relation between a finite group G and the units U in the group algebra of G over a field K of positive characteristic. By imposing certain natural conditions on the derived subgroups of U so that it has solvable length at most four, we show that the group G must be commutative.
    Publicationes mathematicae 01/2015; 86(1-2):39-48. DOI:10.5486/PMD.2015.6012
  • [Show abstract] [Hide abstract]
    ABSTRACT: It is proved that some finite groups are OD-characterizable, i.e. they are uniquely determined by order and degree pattern. In [R. KOGANI-MOGHADAM and A. R. MOGHADDAMFAR, Groups with the same order and degree pattern, Science China Mathematics, 2012], the authors posed the following conjecture: Conjecture. All alternating groups Am with m not equal 10 are OD-characterizable. Up to now it has been proved that this conjecture is correct for m = p, p+1, p+2, where p is a prime number. Also it has been proved that the conjecture is true for A(106) and A(112). In this paper, by an example we show that this conjecture is not true in general and so we reformulate this conjecture as follows: Conjecture. If m not equal 10 is even, then all alternating groups Am are OD-characterizable. Recently, the OD-characterization of A(p+3) where p not equal 7 and p < 100 has been proved. In this paper we continue this work and we prove that if p not equal 7 is a prime number, then the alternating group A(p+3) is OD-characterizable. We note that this is the first work that verify an infinite family of alternating groups with connected prime graphs.
    Publicationes mathematicae 01/2015; 86(1-2):19-30. DOI:10.5486/PMD.2015.5916
  • [Show abstract] [Hide abstract]
    ABSTRACT: Let $G$ be a metabelian $2$-group satisfying the condition $G/G'\simeq \ZZ/2\ZZ\times\ZZ/4\ZZ$. In this paper, we give necessary and sufficient conditions for $G$ to be metacyclic. We then apply these results to algebraic number fields $\mathbf{k}$ to study the capitulation of their $2$-ideal classes of type $(2, 4)$. Particular examples are given to illustrate how these results can be applied to real quadratic and imaginary biquadratic number fields.
    Publicationes mathematicae 01/2015;
  • [Show abstract] [Hide abstract]
    ABSTRACT: Let G be a finite group. Then we denote psi(G) = Sigma(x is an element of G)o(x) where o(x) is the order of the element x in G. In this paper we characterize some finite p-groups (p a prime) by psi, and their orders.
    Publicationes mathematicae 01/2015; 86(1-2):31-37. DOI:10.5486/PMD.2015.5961
  • Publicationes mathematicae 01/2015; 86(1-2):183-186. DOI:10.5486/PMD.2015.7047