Physica Scripta (PHYS SCRIPTA )

Publisher: Kungl. Svenska vetenskapsakademien


Physica Scripta is an international journal for experimental and theoretical physics published jointly by the Academies for Sciences and the Physical Societies of the five Nordic countries. International contributions dominate and the profile of Physica Scripta contains strong components of Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics, Plasma Physics, Condensed Matter Physics and Mathematical Physics.

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Publications in this journal

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    ABSTRACT: The thermodynamic properties of a SrPt3P compound in the superconducting state have been investigated by taking the Eliashberg approach. The anti-perovskite SrPt3P is identified as a strong-coupling (λ = 1.33) s-wave superconductor with 2Δ(0) kBTC = 4.35, where the zerotemperature energy gap (2Δ(0)) obtained from the Eliashberg calculations is 3.15 meV. The critical temperature TC was recently reported to be 8.4 K and this paper confirms the Coulomb pseudopotential repulsions (μ⋆) to be equal to 0.123. Moreover, the free energy difference between the superconducting and the normal state has been calculated. On the basis of the obtained results, the specific heat for the superconducting and the normal state, as well as the thermodynamic critical field, have been determined. It has been also proved that the electron effective mass is high and reaches its maximum equal to 2.46me for the critical temperature.
    Physica Scripta 11/2014; 89:125701.
  • Physica Scripta 11/2014; 89(2014):125604.
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    ABSTRACT: Density functional-based method has been used to investigate the systematic trends for structural parameters and electronic structure of four phases of the ordered double perovskite Sr2YTaO6 compound. The chemical bonding has been investigated by making use of topological analyses grounded on the theory of atoms in molecules (AIM). Local charge and local charge transfer results predict a strong ionic behaviour. Through the quasi-harmonic Debye model, in which the phononic e�ects are taken into account, the temperature e�ects on heat capacity and entropy are performed. We have found that octahedral coordination of each structure has negligible impact on the electronic and bonding properties. However, the distortions from the cubic structure lead to increases in the band gap. Optical as well as thermal, and transport properties are also analyzed.
    Physica Scripta 10/2014; 89:115804.
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    ABSTRACT: We have determined the characters of the diperiodic group Dg80 – the symmetry group of the honeycomb lattice. We started from the general formula for construction of irreducible representations (irreps) of symmorphic space groups and have found characters by summing diagonal elements of irrep matrices. The result is given for every element of Dg80, not just for generators. We have calculated the Frobenius-Schur indicator for irreps of Dg80 and proved that all of them are equivalent to real representations.
    Physica Scripta 09/2014; T162.
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    ABSTRACT: In this paper we present a theoretical model for simulating the behavior of a polymer solar cell with a poly(3-hexylthiophene):1-(3-methoxycarbonyl) propyl-1-phenyl-[6, 6]-methanofullerene (P3HT:PCBM) active layer. Two different types of boundary conditions were considered, Dirichlet's and mixed. For Dirichlet's boundary conditions we have achieved an excellent agreement with the experiment. The influence of boundary conditions on the appearance of the s-shaped current-voltage characteristic (sometimes observed in experiments) has been investigated. When mixed boundary conditions are applied, calculated current-voltage characteristics are inevitably s-shaped. By altering the boundary carrier concentration, an s-shaped deformation in current-voltage characteristics is numerically simulated by using Dirichlet's boundary conditions.
    Physica Scripta 09/2014; 2014(T162):014035.
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    ABSTRACT: The effect of dust size, mass and charge distributions on the characteristics of nonlinear dust acoustic solitary waves (DASW) in a two-temperature ion dusty plasma has been studied analytically. The mass and electrical charge of dust particles are assumed to be proportional with their size. Plasma is embedded in an external magnetic field with variable direction. Using a reductive perturbation method, the Zakharov─Kuznetsov (ZK) equation is derived and its solitary answers are extracted. The coefficients of the nonlinear term of the ZK equation are affected strongly by the size of dust particles when the relative size (the ratio of the largest dust radius to smallest dust radius) is less than 2. Both the width and amplitude of DASW increase with increasing relative size. The cyclotron frequency of the dust changes with the relative size of the dust particles. DASW width is influenced by the magnitude as well as direction of the external magnetic field, while its amplitude is independent of the magnitude of the external magnetic field. At each strength of the external magnetic field, there is an optimum magnitude for its direction at which the width of DASW is maximum.
    Physica Scripta 05/2014; 89(6).
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    ABSTRACT: Polarization switching of ferroelectric materials is influenced by extensive variables such as electric field, temperature and stress. Currently a variety of theoretical approaches are used to gain a deeper understanding of the influence of extensive variables on the dynamic properties of ferroelectrics. In this paper a Landau-type model for second order bulk materials is used to study the extent to which hydrostatic stress affects the switching dynamic behaviours in ferroelectric material. Exact expressions for equilibrium polarization and switching time are derived analytically and then used to examine the dynamic behaviour in regimes of high electric field and hydrostatic stress. The second aspect of this work is to determine the relationship between empirical rules used to describe dynamic behaviour with the exact expressions derived from this model.
    Physica Scripta 05/2014; 89:075702.
  • Physica Scripta 05/2014; T161:014066.
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    ABSTRACT: This paper describes the results of tests of thermal protection materials (TPM) at conditions that simulate the atmospheric re-entry of space vehicles, tested by means of a high velocity and enthalpy air plasma jet generated with a dc plasma torch. Such a high velocity and enthalpy air plasma jet allows us to investigate TPM by simulating heat flux values varying with time in accordance with real re-entry altitudes and trajectories. The main research interests include the measurements of plasma flow temperature and heat flux for the testing of materials used for thermal protection systems of space vehicles. The test results of investigations of light composite thermal protective system material and graphite are presented.
    Physica Scripta 05/2014; T161:1-5.
  • Physica Scripta 05/2014; T161:014052.