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Perceptual and Motor Skills: experimental or theoretical articles dealing with perception or motor skills, especially as affected by experience; articles on general methodology; special reviews.

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    ABSTRACT: -The objective of the study was to develop and apply a tactical-cognitive training program based on the use of video feedback and questioning in real game time, in order to improve tactical knowledge in volleyball. A two-group quasi-experimental design was used with a sample of eight female players (M = 14.8 yr., SD = 0.7), who were divided into an Experimental group (n = 4) and a Control group (n = 4). The independent variable was the tactical-cognitive training program, which was applied for 11 wk. in a 6 × 6 game situation training context. The dependent variable was tactical knowledge, which was measured by problem representation and strategy planning with a verbal protocol. The results showed that after applying the intervention program the players in the Experimental group showed more complex, sophisticated, and structured tactical knowledge, compared with the players from the Control group. These results suggest that complementing the training process with cognitive tools may enable athletes to increases their tactical behavior and presumably improve their performance.
    Perceptual and Motor Skills 11/2015; DOI:10.2466/30.PMS.121c23x9
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    ABSTRACT: -Explicitly monitoring one's own actions has been noted as detrimental to the performance of fine motor skills under duress. Offensive skills rather than defensive skills are typically studied in this context. Defensive techniques typically require skills such as footwork and continuous movement, as opposed to more precise, hand-eye coordinated action. Explicit monitoring theory may be less relevant for defensive skills than offensive skills when playing under pressure. Archival data (66 years) for teams and for individual players was compiled from the National Basketball Association (NBA) and the National Football League (NFL). For basketball (n = 778) and football (n = 515) teams, regular season offensive and defensive statistics similarly predicted success in the postseason, which was assumed to create more pressure. For individual basketball players (n = 5,132), nine indices of offensive (FG, free throw and three-point shooting, offensive win shares, points, and assists) and defensive (defensive win shares, steals, and blocks) production were compared; among these, three-point shooting percentage was least correlated from season to postseason, suggesting it is especially variable under pressure. A balanced basketball or football team that focuses on both offense and defense may be most successful.
    Perceptual and Motor Skills 11/2015; DOI:10.2466/30.26.PMS.121c25x4
  • [Show abstract] [Hide abstract]
    ABSTRACT: -Despite the many benefits of involvement in youth sports, participation in them declines throughout childhood and adolescence. The present study performed a systematic review and meta-analysis of 12 studies reporting dropout rates in youth soccer, involving a total of 724,036 youths ages 10-18 years from five countries. The mixed effects meta-regression analyses took into account age and sex as statistical moderators of dropout rate. Potential articles were identified through computerized searches of the databases PubMed, MedLine, Embase, and SportDiscus up until August 2014, without any further time limit. Based on results reported in the 10 included articles, the annual weighted mean dropout rate is 23.9% across the included cohorts. Meta-regression indicated that annual dropout rates are stable from the ages of 10-19 years, with higher rates for girls (26.8%) compared to boys (21.4%). The present study suggests that youth soccer players are prone to dropout rates in which close to one-fourth of players leave the sport annually, which appears to be a consistent finding across ages 10-18 years.
    Perceptual and Motor Skills 11/2015; DOI:10.2466/10.PMS.121c23x0
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    ABSTRACT: -Developing motor competence and physical fitness can affect the maintenance of a sufficient level of physical activity in children and adolescents. This study assesses the relationship between motor competence and physical fitness from childhood through early adolescence. A cross-sectional sample of 194 participants from 4 to 16 years old were divided into three groups; 4-6 yr. (n = 42, M age = 5.2, SD 0.6), 11-12 yr. (n = 58, M age = 12.4, SD = 0.3), and 15-16 yr. (n = 94, M age = 15.9, SD = 0.4). To assess motor competence, each child completed the Movement Assessment Battery for Children (MABC). To measure physical fitness, three tasks (strength, speed, and endurance) were selected from the Test of Physical Fitness (TPF). To analyze the significance of the difference between the correlation coefficient in the three age groups (samples) (4-6, 11-12, and 15-16 yr.), Fischer r-to-z transformation was used. The correlation (Pearson's) between motor competence and physical fitness in the age groups was statistically higher for the youngest age groups (4-6 and 11-12 yr.) and the adolescent group (age 15-16). The differences between the two youngest age groups were not statistically significant. The results demonstrate that the correlation between motor competence and physical fitness decreases with age.
    Perceptual and Motor Skills 11/2015; DOI:10.2466/10.PMS.121c24x2
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    ABSTRACT: -Visual perception comprises established responses to visual stimuli. Conceptual development accompanies the development of visual perception skills. Both visual perception and sufficient conceptual development is vital to a child's academic skills and social participation. The aim of this study was to examine the relationship between conceptual development and visual perceptual skills of six-year-old children. 140 children were administered Bracken's (1998) Basic Concept Scale (BBCS-R) and the Frostig Developmental Visual Perception Test. BBCS-R scores were weakly correlated with FDVPT Discrimination of figure-ground, and had moderate and significant correlations with Constancy of the figures, Perception of position in space, Perception of spatial relation, and the Total score on visual perception. Also, a moderate correlation was found between the total scores of the FDVPT and the total score of the BBCS-R.
    Perceptual and Motor Skills 11/2015; DOI:10.2466/24.10.PMS.121c22x7
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    ABSTRACT: -This study examined the validity and reliability of the Cantonese Borg 6-20 Rating of Perceived Exertion (RPE) scale in monitoring exercise intensity among Chinese older adults. A total of 40 apparently healthy older adults (16 men, 24 women; M age = 69.8 yr., SD = 4.56) performed two trials of three intermittent exercise tests administered in random order using the cycle ergometer. Results revealed significant differences of RPE, HR, and VO2 between different workloads, and there were moderate to high correlations between RPE and HR and VO2, respectively. Results also found moderate consistency of RPE between Trial 1 and Trial 2. These indicated that the Cantonese 6-20 RPE scale can be used as a valid and reliable tool for monitoring exercise intensity among the Chinese older adults.
    Perceptual and Motor Skills 11/2015; DOI:10.2466/29.PMS.121c24x8
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    ABSTRACT: -This research assessed whether public space users will adopt a least-effort approach and choose a less suitable seat nearby or seek the most suitable seat, even if it is farther away from them when the decision is made. How distance assessment affects seat choice was investigated through an observational survey, which allowed the identification of behavioral patterns. Those behavioral patterns were then tested in a paired comparison experiment with 40 participants. The results showed that the effect of distance on seat choice is related to the difference in distance between the options and that a sufficient difference can cause trade-offs between distance and seat properties. The necessary difference in distance is conditioned by the activity and the seat properties.
    Perceptual and Motor Skills 10/2015; 121(2). DOI:10.2466/24.PMS.121c20x3
  • [Show abstract] [Hide abstract]
    ABSTRACT: -This cross-sectional study investigated location of body fat, with specific focus on abdominal fat, among normal weight and overweight women who accurately or inaccurately perceived their weight status. Young, adult women (N = 120; M age = 19.5 yr., SD = 1.2) were asked to classify their weight status using the Self-Classified Weight subscale from the Multidimensional Body-Self Relations Questionnaire. Actual weight status was operationalized via dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry. Overweight women who thought they were normal weight had an average of 19 pounds more fat than normal weight women with 1.5 pounds of excess abdominal fat. Interventions to raise awareness among overweight women unaware of their fat level are warranted. However, these interventions should balance consideration of potential detriments to body image among these women.
    Perceptual and Motor Skills 10/2015; 121(2). DOI:10.2466/15.06.PMS.121c22x4
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    ABSTRACT: -This study investigated the superimposition of the projected markings on the road with head-up display, as well as their effects on the driver's speed. Two experiments were conducted. In Exp. 1, driving operations were simulated with a desktop computer to assess 18 deceleration markings (from the factors position, shape, and color) and determined the factors and levels influencing driving speeds. Based on the results of Exp. 1, six deceleration markings (from the factors shape and color) were selected in the driving simulator for conducting Exp. 2. The results of Exp. 1 showed that markings at the sides were better than the markings in the center. In Exp. 2, there was no significant difference between the effects of the arrangement of markings and the change of shape and color on driving stability. Yellow and white colors had no significant effect on speed; however, bar markings were better than zigzag markings. The results indicated that the projection of markings on a head-up display was helpful for indicating necessary deceleration.
    Perceptual and Motor Skills 10/2015; 121(2). DOI:10.2466/26.25.PMS.121c21x8
  • [Show abstract] [Hide abstract]
    ABSTRACT: -The purpose of this theoretical analysis and synthesis is to indicate how left-eye sighting dominance may lead to reading failure through dysfunctional right hemisphere letter encoding. Differing compensatory strategies are postulated to lead to outcomes that include the development of the phonologically impaired and phonologically proficient subtypes of dyslexia as well as specific spelling disability. Evidence is presented indicating that these disorders might be prevented by delaying the introduction of letter writing until the age of 8 years. Early childhood speech categorization in children genetically at-risk of developing dyslexia is also considered from this perspective. Convergent support for this premature writing hypothesis is provided by a comparison with the development of the left-hand inverted writing posture.
    Perceptual and Motor Skills 10/2015; 121(2). DOI:10.2466/15.10.PMS.121c21x5
  • [Show abstract] [Hide abstract]
    ABSTRACT: -Music is a common accompaniment to exercise, but some running environments do not allow for personalized control over the music stimulus. The purpose of this study was to explore the effects of listening to preferred versus non-preferred music on sex differences in running performance. The sample consisted of 20 women and 15 men (M = 20.7 yr., SD = 2.3) who reported running at least once per week over the previous year. The participants completed three 12-min. Cooper Tests (i.e., aerobic fitness test) accompanied by preferred, non-preferred, or no music in randomized order. A 2 × 2 repeated-measures analysis of covariance (ANCOVA) was used to test the effect of music preference and sex on endurance running performance while controlling for the distance run with no music. Women ran further in the preferred music condition. However, music selection did not significantly change running performance for men. Listening to preferred instead of non-preferred music had a larger effect on the endurance running performance of women than men.
    Perceptual and Motor Skills 10/2015; 121(2). DOI:10.2466/06.PMS.121c20x9
  • [Show abstract] [Hide abstract]
    ABSTRACT: -The perceptual process of obtaining and using visual information plays a critical role in determining the quality of interception performance. Eye-movement characteristics and their association with interception accuracy where the constraints imposed on the task influence the eye-movement control are not well understood. The effects of spatial and temporal constraints were examined and associated with target motion on interception accuracy and gaze control strategy. Twenty-four (M = 28 yr., SD = 10; 10 women) inexperienced dart throwers volunteered for the study. Eye movements were measured while the participants attempted to intercept a horizontally moving target with a thrown dart. A mixed design experiment was employed with a between- (specification of interception point) and a within- (target speed) subjects factor. As target speed increased, spatial errors about the moving target increased but temporal errors decreased. Specifying a fixed location for target interception resulted in greater errors about the moving target. The point of gaze tended to center on the interception point, and this became more evident with increased target speed and the specification of a fixed interception point. The experimental findings provide support for a visual search strategy that exhibits compliance with the constraints of the task.
    Perceptual and Motor Skills 10/2015; 121(2). DOI:10.2466/24.30.PMS.121c16x4
  • [Show abstract] [Hide abstract]
    ABSTRACT: -Early childhood education majors' (N = 83) perceived self-efficacy for teaching fundamental motor skills (FMS) were examined. An experimental group (n = 49) enrolled in a 14-wk. physical education and games course and 34 students made up a comparison group. A perceived self-efficacy questionnaire on teaching FMS was applied for both groups before and after the physical education and games course. The 14-wk. course improved early childhood majors' self-efficacy for teaching FMS.
    Perceptual and Motor Skills 10/2015; 121(2). DOI:10.2466/25.PMS.121c18x5