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  • Nature 02/2014;
  • Nature 01/2014; 505:621-622.
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    ABSTRACT: The hippoccampus is associated with allocentric reference frame Abstract: The brain?s parietal cortex and the neuronal activity in hippocampus are associated at spatial navigation with allocentric reference frame, and the use of egocentric reference that is associated with activity in parietal cortex and nucleus caudate. Subject terms: Neuroscience, spatial navigation, allocentric and egocentric reference frame. Dear editor in the recent publication in his journal about the involvement of the posterior parietal cortex (PPC) during virtual-navigation (1). I think Harvey and colleagues (1) could have made conclusions from the results of their research in relation to the spatial navigation reference frame. The results of that study indicate that there is activation of the PPC and the hippocampus during work memory decision task. By relating these results with spatial navigation reference frames are browsing the PPC provides the neural basis for integration of information when using egocentric and allocentric reference frames (2,3). But there are neurological differences between the two navigation reference frames since the use of allocentric reference is associated with increased gray matter in the hippocampus, compared to the use of egocentric reference that is associated with increased gray matter in the nucleus caudate (4-7). This paper does not indicate whether there is activation in the nucleus caudate and indicates activation of the hippocampus. Therefore it may be deduced that the trained male mice utilized in this research, used an allocentric reference frames in spatial virtual-navigation.
    Nature 12/2013; 484:62-68.
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    ABSTRACT: Sugar consumption is linked to a rise in non-communicable disease Sugar's effects on the body can be similar to those of alcohol Regulation could include tax, limiting sales during school hours and placing age limits on purchase
    Nature 12/2013; 482:27-29.
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    ABSTRACT: ¿Qué pautas de ejercicio hay que seguir? Como profesional relacionado con la actividad física mi interés en este artículo está en conocer cuales son las pautas de actividad física a seguir para que se produzca esa autofagia beneficiosa para el organismo. Es importante conocerlo para saber como incluirlo en la planificación de los entrenamientos. Y además conocer así si ese tipo de ejercicio beneficia por igual en relación con la edad, sexo, tipo de población, etc... ¿Cuanto tiempo se necesita de actividad física:? Desde hace miles de años hacer ejercicio, realizar actividad física ha sido parte fundamental de nuestra vida. En las últimas dos o tres decadas con la irrupción de la vida sedentaria han aparecido muchas enfermedades asociadas a este estilo de vida. Es importante entender que nuestro cuerpo necesita actividad física. Por supuesto para mejorar nuestro cuerpo pero incluso solo para mantenerlo. Pero, ¿se dedica suficiente tiempo a realizar actividad física?. No. Incluso en periodos de formación y crecimiento como en el colegio, en países como España el tiempo en la clase de Educación Física es insufuciente. En mi tesis docotoral fabrique una herramienta para medir el tiempo en la clase de Educación Física ( La conclusión fue que el tiempo de Actividad Física en la clase de Educación Física era insuficiente. Bueno, con tantos beneficios que tiene la actividad física, y sobre todo con nuestro estilo de vida sedentario. ¿Cuanto tiempo de actividad física necesita nuestro organismo, diariamente, semanalmente, mensualmente y anualmente?. Y además ¿que tipo de actividad física, aeróbica, anaeróbica?, etc... Esta claro cada día las investigaciones nos descubriran más beneficios de la actividad física, y probablemente seremos cada vez más sedentarios. What exercise guidelines should you follow? As a professional physical activity related to my interest in this article is to know what are the patterns of physical activity continue to occur that autophagy benefit the body. It is important to know for how to include it in planning practice. And so if you know this type of exercise benefits both in terms of age, sex, type of population, etc ... How much time is needed of physical activity? For thousands of years to exercise, physical activity has been a fundamental part of our lives. In the last two or three decades with the emergence of sedentary life have been many diseases associated with this lifestyle. It is important to understand that our body needs physical activity. Course to improve our body but even just to maintain it. But enough time is devoted to physical activity?. No. Even in periods of formation and growth and at school, in countries like Spain, while in PE class is insufuciente. In my thesis docotoral manufactures a tool to measure time in PE class ( ~ abfr/TESIS_Andres_B_Fdez_Revelles/index_abierto2.html). The conclusion was that the time for physical activity in PE class was insufficient. Well, with so many benefits of physical activity, and especially with our sedentary lifestyle. How long physical activity our bodies need, daily, weekly, monthly and annually?. And what kind of physical activity, aerobic, anaerobic, etc.? ... Clearly every day we will discover more research benefits of physical activity, and probably will be more and more sedentary. Andres B. Fernandez-Revelles Department of Physical Education and Sports Faculty of Sports Sciences University of Grenada Spain
    Nature 12/2013; 481:511-515.
  • Nature 12/2013;
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    ABSTRACT: As interests vie for the soul of smart cities, Melanie Moses asks: ``Smarter for whom?''
    Nature 10/2013; 502(7471):299-300.

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