Seconded National Expert - Risk Assessment Directorate Job

EFSA - Autorità europea per la sicurezza alimentare
Italy, Parma
Sep 2011
This job posting expired on November 3, 2012.

About EFSA

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) is the keystone of the European Union (EU)
risk assessment regarding food and feed safety. In close collaboration with national
authorities and in open consultation with its stakeholders, EFSA provides independent
scientific advice and clear communication on existing and emerging risks.
The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) wishes to establish a list of candidates who are
interested in a fixed-term agreement on secondment as Seconded National Expert (SNE).
Seconded National Experts can be placed in one of EFSA’s Directorates.
Seconded National Experts enable EFSA to benefit from the high level of their professional
knowledge and experience, in particular in areas where such expertise is not readily available
and gives the opportunity to the National Authorities to profit from the exchange of
professional experience.

The job
The tasks may include:
• Support the work of a Scientific Panel or a network of Member State Representatives
o Prepare annual work plan and update it;
o Organise and participate in the plenary and working group meetings;
o Evaluate files submitted to the Panel;
o Prepare minutes of the plenary and working group meetings;
o Management of cooperation projects;
o Prepare reports, opinions and briefings.
• Data collection, data analysis and risk assessment
o Coordination of data collection and reporting done by the Member States;
o Preparation of harmonised monitoring and reporting schemes and
coordination of such activities;
o Analysis and reporting of scientific data;
o Contribute to the development and harmonisation of risk assessment methods;
o Support risk assessment activities.
• Communication with Commission services
o Contribute to consultation as appropriate;
o Liaise on scientific matters where relevant;
o Follow up scientific opinions and advice on the interpretations of the opinions
issued by the Panel.
• External Communication
o Reply to external requests for information relevant to the work of the Panel;
o Reply to requests for information from other European Institutions, Member
States and the general public;
o Liaise with EU Institutions, international and third country organisations on
matters within the remit of EFSA;
o Produce and edit texts for publication;
o Provide assistance with analytical preparation of reports for publications;
o Provide support to EFSA activities in: media relations, web communications,
publications and event organisation.
• Communications Directorate activities
o Contribute to the development of Communications plans and activities (e.g.
media relations, publications, events, online communications);
o Contribute to situational analyses on key communications issues (i.e.
information gathering and other desk research on views and activities of
opinion leaders and media);
o Support Directorate in development of research plans (e.g. risk perception
research; target audience research to assess image and impact of EFSA and
EFSA’s work).
• Support activities
o Implement International Strategy: Follow-up and maintenance of the in-house
prioritisation exercise of EFSA’s international activities;
o Coordinate international activities in line with the prioritisation;
o Coordinate EFSA’s support to CODEX activities;
o Be the contact point for partners with international agreements;
o Coordinate the implementation of actions delivering from the international
agreements (especially future workflow for exchange of documents);
o Screen activities of international organisations and public bodies and
providing respective information to concerned Units.

The SNE shall assist EFSA's staff and carry out the tasks assigned to them in the context of a
predetermined work programme or job description, reporting to the concerned Head of Unit.

The requirements
Candidates must:
• Be nationals of a Community Member State, except where the Executive Director
grants derogation. Derogations shall not be required for SNE’s from countries
belonging to the EEA or Switzerland. The same shall apply to candidate countries
and potential candidate countries;
• Have a university degree in an area relevant to EFSA’s activities;
• Have at least three (3) year-full time experience of administrative, scientific,
technical, advisory or supervisory functions, gained after obtaining the relevant
degree, at a level equivalent to the post;
• Have thorough knowledge of spoken and written English and a satisfactory
knowledge of a second EU language for the performance of his or her duties.
In general, candidates should:
• Be able to demonstrate a proven track record in the provision of scientific advice or
risk communication or in another area relevant for the work of the Authority;
• Demonstrate an ability to work within a team, to communicate effectively at all
levels within the Authority and with its external partners;
• Be able to work flexibly in a multicultural environment;
• Demonstrate an ability to understand the underlying legislative and policy issues
relating to the functions of EFSA scientific and communication activities;
• Have practical knowledge of IT tools.

Risk Assessment Directorate
In this area, a university degree in an area relevant for EFSA’s scientific activity is needed
and a PhD would be an asset. The required profile can include expertise in one or more of
the following areas: substantial experience in regulatory risk assessment methodologies, in
particular in the assessments of GMOs, food and feed additives, food contact materials,
microbiological and chemical contamination, and plant pests and plant protection products
risk assessment experience in the area of animal health, welfare, contaminants, plant health
and/or zoonoses.

Application procedure
Applications should be sent by e-mail to the attention of or by
registered mail.  An application will be deemed admissible only if it includes:
- a Europass Curriculum Vitae
- a motivation letter where the candidates shall clearly specify the EFSA’s Unit which they are interested in indicating their current employer.

Full application here:

Reference number: SNE