Postdoctoral researcher in connectomics based on diffusion MRI

PostDoc Position
IDIBAPS - Hospital Clinic - University of Barcelona
Belgium, Leuven
Jul 2012
This job posting expired on September 7, 2012.

Expected background:

The candidate must be a skilled laparoscopic surgeon, preferentially in urogynaecology (either urologist or gynaecologist).

In depth knowledge of the current working of videoendoscopic hardware is a positive point, though engineering skills are not mandatory.

The candidate must have a scientific track record, preferentially with experience in clinical studies and studies on surgical techniques and outcome, in particular training aspects.

Preferentially the candidate has skills in processing video images, their off line analysis and processing.

Research group:

The research will be integrated in a wider research group active in the field of urogynaecology, with current points of attention

- small animal imaging of the pelvic floor, with or without birth trauma

- biomechanical evaluation of implanted mesh materials

the study of the inflammatory response to meshes

- clinical studies on techniques of and outcomes following mesh augmented repairs

- the use of laparoscopy in pelvic floor surgery (the prinicipal research project is related to that)

Expected task and responsilibities:

Observation and participation in clinical procedures in laparoscopic pelvic floor surgery. 
Experimental use of enhancement of the videoscopic image with information that is not visible to the naked eye
Assessment of the (pre)clinical value of this additional information in surgical decision making

European Commission standards for post-doctoral researchers with 4-10 years experience.

To apply, please submit the following documentation:

Curriculum Vitae 
Cover letter indicating his/her interest in the research area and training aspects of this research
The documentation via e-mail to: local P.I. of the endo VV project: and to the coordinator.

Disciplines: Medicine