PhD Positions: Image Analysis

PhD Studentship
IMT Institute for Advanced Studies Lucca
Italy, Lucca
Jun 2012
This job posting expired on September 26, 2012.

IMT Institute for Advanced Studies Lucca ( is accepting applications, from extremely motivated students oriented towards dynamic and highly applicative research opportunities, for fully-funded PhD positions in its 2013 Doctoral Research Program.

The curriculum in Image Analysis (IA), embedded within the Computer, Decision and Systems Science (CDSS) Track, is in close collaboration with the PRIAn - Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis Research Unit ( It focuses on the analysis of large-scale multimodality imaging data for life sciences.  Motivated by the explosion of biomedical imaging data, the goal is to develop high-throughput and high-precision strategies to analyze intelligently these vast data sets to prove clinically driven hypothesis and unearth unseen patterns. Such vast datasets arise from studies of various organs (heart, brain, vasculature) and organisms (humans, other model organisms such small or large animals, and plants), using multiple modalities (MRI, PET, and optical at various scales), which span multiple dimensions (2D, 3D, monotone and multispectral), and are dynamic and repeated. This scenario is particularly prevalent now, where this type of analysis is needed to speed up phenotyping studies that accompany genotype driven experiments. 

Each student is invited to construct a personal study plan with Advisor, drawing from entire range of course offerings best suit his or her background and research interests. 

Please visit the call website ( for more details regarding program content, the numerous benefits that students enjoy (including scholarships and room and board), and for the online applications form.

Please apply online ONLY by September 26th 2012.

IMT is also accepting applications in the fields of Computer Science, Control Systems and Management Science (with the CDSS track), in addition to applications in:

  • Economics
  • Management and Development of Cultural Heritage
  • Political History

Those interested will be able to hear a real-time presentation of the program on an interactive webinar scheduled for June 28th 2012 (after this date a recording of the same will be available for viewing).  To sign up, go to

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