Modeling and Simulation Statistical Modeler

Novartis AG
Russia, Moscow
Apr 2012
This job posting expired on June 19, 2012.
Novartis has an "industry leading" use of Modeling and Simulation as a quantitative science to improve knowledge integration and understanding in drug discivery and development. Novartis Pharma opens a dedicated Modeling and Simulation Group in Russia and apens a contest for the position of Modeling & Simulation Expert Modeler.The Statistical Modeler supports projects and functions throughout Research & Development, including compound selection, exploratory clinical development, and late development, with model-based planning, clinical trial design, evaluations, integrated analysis, and reporting. Supports decision-making by pre-clinical or clinical teams with M&S-based input. Through innovation and advocacy, promotes the use of quantitative decision making in drug development.
1. Independently or under supervision develop, evaluate and report models that describe compound- or disease-related data (e.g. mechanistic or physiological, biophysical, PK/PD, population PK, and statistical). Apply M&S techniques developed internally or reported in the literature, to data of a multiomic (genomic, proteomic, and metabonomic), in vitro, in vivo, and/or clinical nature, acquired from disease- or compound-specific studies.
2. Support study designs with model-based thinking; identify opportunities for innovative study designs.
3. Support project level preclinical and development plans and registration strategies. Plan and manage the M&S parts of submission activities. Interact with Health Authorities.
4. When requested, carry out modeling activities to support platform development. Identify and support the implementation of platforms to drive innovation and efficiency
5. Sustain scientific competence by establishing familiarity with new methods, continuing education in the field of expertise, maintaining current knowledge of relevant biological findings.
6. Lead or support evaluation of new M&S tools. When requested, serve as power user or expert for new tools.

Minimum Requirements

Education: Ph.D in Statistics or Mathematics with focus on Probability Theory / Statistics; Alternatively an equivalent degree with demonstrated statistical expertise and experience.

1. Experience and knowledge in applying statistical methods and modeling techniques to drug development or other domains, preferably with additional experience in at least one of pharmacological or biological modeling.
2. Background medical knowledge and PK/PD knowledge is a plus
3. Knowledge of simulation techniques, including bootstrap, jackknife, and cross-validation, and ability to learn and apply new methods
4. Excellent computing skills, and ability to learn and apply new tools
5. Strong knowledge and expertise in statistical modeling, and in-depth knowledge in: learning algorithms, molecular pathways, biology, tissue effects, physiology and pathophysiology, PK/PD.
6. Good data exploration skills; ability to understand heterogeneous data and communicate effectively with people from diverse scientific backgrounds in a multi-disciplinary organization.
7. Very good written and verbal communication skills including the ability to interact effectively with a multidisciplinary team; ability to interact effectively with both management and teams to constructively influence decision-making.
8. Good business ethics and customer focused.
9. Innovative attitude; creative approach to model implementation
10. Welcomes problems as challenges; able to approach problems from multiple angles.
11. Well-developed organizational skills; able to manage several projects simultaneously
Reference number: 95950BR