Change Agent: Global Finance Services

United States, Wilmington
Apr 2012
This job posting expired on June 19, 2012.
Background & Business Purpose

GFS is now embarking on a major programme of improvement that builds on the success of the Bridge project. Whilst GFS has already enabled a level of standardisation and process improvement, our vision is to take AZ's process performance to best in class as represented by our Process Archetypes.

Project Pearl is a 3 year $61m programme of initiatives aimed at delivering improvement through the 4 strategic focus areas; Service Quality, Cashflow, Compliance and Cost to Serve. An initial assessment has been conducted by our Global Process Owners (GPOs) and a set of initiatives has been approved that will drive improvements across each of the 6 process areas (R2R/FA, P2P, SOTC, C&B, T&E and Compliance) through Regional Convergence Plans.
An initial set of initiatives will move through design and implementation phases in 2012 with further initiatives anticipated during 2013 & 2014. The programme of delivery will significantly transform finance function processes within AZ.

Visibility and sponsorship has been approved at the group CFO and GFS senior management team level. The Regional Project and Change Director will take accountability for regional delivery of a global multi stream and highly complex group of projects and will be responsible for successful delivery to the Pearl Programme Director and Regional Change Board. Programme delivery will require influencing and leadership across several internal and external organisations, including:

* Internal: GFS, Finance, Set areas and IS.
* External: Genpact, external consultancy partners, IS suppliers

Principal Accountabilities

The Regional Project and Change Director will manage a set of interrelated programme deliverables to deliver on-time, on-budget and in adherence with quality and compliance standards. The role holder shapes programme solutions, regional resource requirements and governance and acts as a liaison between the Pearl programme and Regional business stakeholders to ensure that business requirements are effectively translated into solutions and benefits.

Within the Region, the Regional Project and Change Director will maintain an 'air traffic control' overview of the programme to ensure all individual projects are; set up for success (resource, tools, principles etc); progressing according to agreed timelines; identifying and tracking key dependencies; and applying AZ PMF/CMF standards. The role holder will establish and run appropriate regional programme governance mechanisms, including the Regional Change Board that will be established to oversee the coordination of regional plans and activities.

During the initiative Design phase, the Regional Project and Change Director will work closely with GPOs/GPEs to understand fully the design principles and business case associated with each initiative and secure regional process SME resource to develop detailed designs and benefits presented as a result of each initiative. Importantly, the Regional Project and Change Director will understand and establish the change impacts associated with each initiative, which will require the role holder in gaining a deep understanding of the impact of the proposed changes on the region and units through engagement with GFS's customers and GFS Operations.

Once initiatives have been approved to move into the Execute phase, the Regional Project and Change Director will ensure that the project teams adopt quality and compliance standards, policies and procedures necessary to mitigate risks, ensure successful implementation and realise anticipated business benefits. This will require the Regional Project and Change Director to manage and deliver the project work streams using excellent and effective project & change management techniques and disciplines.

Throughout the progamme, the Regional Project and Change Director will work with relevant regional stakeholders to formulate the project strategy that best balances the needs of the Pearl Programme with Regional BAU and other priorities. This will potentially take into account resource and risk considerations and the Regional Project and Change Director will work to resolve any conflicts with local stakeholders to the maximum possible extent before escalating risks and issues to the relevant governance boards

Major Tasks

* Engage with the Region's senior management team and key stakeholders to secure their support for the Pearl programme and ensure business requirements are captured in process designs and implementation plans

* Ensure the successful adoption of new ways of working by establishing detailed regional and local change impact assessments and establishing and putting in place action plans that fully address the people, process and technology related aspects of the agreed changes

* Manage regional resource plans and ensure effective sourcing and utilisation of resources to ensure deliverables are met effectively and efficiently, including support required by Regional SMEs, product suppliers, IS and Genpact

* Manage interdependencies between constituent programme workstreams and other Regional priorities and work with regional stakeholders to secure on-going commitment and delivery of the Regional Pearl Convergence Plan

* Drive resolution of risks and issues involving other organisations/stakeholders as required

* Develop and drive the delivery of regional communication & stakeholder plans throughout the life of the project

* Prepare status updates and manage the Regional Change Board to ensure timely and effective decision making and action planning, and oversee execution of remediation plans within projects where required

* Monitor regional benefits targets and delivery -- ensuring regional costs and benefits are maintained within approved business case tolerances

Impact on business results

The success of this role will be measured in terms of (i) ensuring successful delivery of Regional Convergence Plans and in accordance with global standards (ii) successfully delivering the business case for regional initiatives (iii) in a way that minimises any adverse impact upon operational performance and service levels during the period of change. Specific targets for the region are to be established and agreed with GPOs, including measures for service quality, cost reduction, working capital improvement and control compliance.

Prime Areas of Complexity and Type of Problems Solved

The prime complexity will be to collaborate with and influence all key stakeholders to ensure sustainable significant process improvements are made in the region including behavioral change necessary to achieve process compliance including third parties and teams within and outside of GFS. Support for the change programme across the region must be secured at all levels of the organization. Programme governance and arrangements must also be established to ensure delivery of the initiatives and to ensure trade-offs between global process design and local design requirements are managed to ensure that localisations are minimized. Successful initiative design and implementation will require working with a number of organisational entities, project team and stakeholders and coordinating this input will require excellent planning, governance and communication.

Relationship Management
Manage all appropriate key stakeholder relationships, including GFS Customers, GFS Regional Senior Management Team, GPOs, IS partners, Pearl PMO, other GFS members & Genpact

Leadership Capabilities
The role holder will be able to demonstrate proficiency in operating at Level 3 for:
* Passion for customers
* Works Collaboratively
* Thinks Strategically
* Acts decisively
* Drives performance
* Develops people and organization

Internal and External Contacts/Customers
* Finance Leadership Team
* AZ Finance Function, including GCO Regional teams, Operations, R&D and Group
* AZ IS Function
* Global Internal Audit (GIA)
* Finance and Performance Management Groups
* Key internal customer groups
* External advisors
* External Service Provider

Reporting Relationship
* Direct Reports 3-7 (regional resource)
* Indirect Reports 0-7
Financial Responsibility
* Initiative budgets and delivery of business cases that will vary in size and shape depending upon scope ($100k->$2m)

Travel Requirements
* Overseas travel will be required.


Minimum Requirements

* Experience of implementing and leading significant Finance & Accounting process improvement initiatives
* Significant work experience in Finance related activities
* Experience of implementing significant business change across different national and business boundaries
* Experience of working in a matrix organisation
* Energetic and self motivated
* Superior influencing capabilities in a multi-cultural organisation
* Strong written and verbal communication skills
* Oral and written fluency in Business English
* Experience of global technology implementations
* Demonstrated success working in a team environment
* Demonstrated success building cross-functional global networks and stakeholder management
* Strong numerical and analytical skills
* Ideal candidates will have specific industry and process experience
Reference number: 602882