Business Unit Leader: Engineering Job

Golder Associates
South Africa, Johannesburg
Feb 2012
This job posting expired on April 16, 2012.
Business Unit Leader: Engineering

Location: ZA-Johannesburg
Job ID: 2011-6111
Area of Interest: Engineering (Civil, Geotechnical)
Job Type: Full Time
# of Positions: 1
Education (Minimum): Honour Degree
Posted Date: 8/22/2011
Experience (Years): 15 - 20 years Experience
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Job Responsibilities:
Strategic Direction
- Develop the Business Unit strategic plan with annual updates in consultation with the Africa Management Team and with the Business Unit Management Team.
- Implement the Business Unit Strategic plan.
- Monitor the key result areas of the Business Unit strategic plan.
- Provide feedback to the Africa Management Team and Engineering Management Team.
- Refine and adjust the Implementation actions of the Strategic Plan as needed.
- Develop and appoint Engineering Management Team, including Divisional Leaders.
- Consult and work with the Engineering Strategic Advisors on all business development aspects.
- Participate in the leadership of Golder Associates Africa as part of the Africa Management Team.
Business Development
- Participate in the Business Development initiatives of Golder.
- Identify and lead the development of new products and services in the Engineering Busines Unit.
- Support and Implement the provision of engineering services in different geographical locations (Southern Africa, West Africa, Mozambique).
- Support and implement the provision of engineering services in the Mining Sector and Oil and Gas Sector.
Client Relationship Management
- Participate in the Client Relationship Management initiatives of Golder.
- Provide support to Key Account Managers.
- Support the Golder marketing efforts at the operational level.
- Participate in the Client Satisfaction Interviews.
Human Resource Development
- Implement the human resources development plan to support the Strategic Plan implementation.
- Implement human resources training and mentoring programs.
- Oversee and guide performance management of people.
- Ensure appropriate reward and remuneration of staff.
- Implement systems to support and encourage the professional registration of staff.
Management and Operations

Implement the golder management systems in the Business Unit related to:
- Compliance with legislation, regulations and best practice standards;
- Risk management;
- Quality control and assurance (GAIMS);
- Preparation and presentation of management reports;
- Management of the Business Unit via the Divisional structures.
Technical Development and Innovation
- Identify opportunities and implement technical development and innovation actions.
- Support the Engineering Business Unit participation in global Technical Communities.
- Encourage research and development activities.
- Present technical papers at specialized conferences.
- Identify and implement opportunities for Engineering Team to participate in golder global teams on challenging projects.
Services Delivery
- Implement Golder project management systems and protocols on projects.
- Participate in large integrated projects, both locally and in Africa.
- Implement technical quality assurance systems and protocols.
Health and Safety
- Implement and monitor Golder Health and Safety systems and protocols.
- Encourage and lead the Health and Safety culture of interdependence among staff.
- Monitor the Health and Safety performance of the Business Unit and provide feedback on learnings.
- Provide ongoing opportunities for Health and Safety training.
Social and Environmental
- Encourage and create opportunities for Engineering Business Unit participation in Social and Environmental Corporate activities/projects.
- Support and encourage participation and contribution to Golder Trust for Orphans projects.
- Development of Business Unit operational budgets.
- Monitor expenditure of Business Unit operational budgets.
- Manage the Business Unit to meet the company financial targets (people chargeability, profitability).
- Manage the Business Unit to meet the company cash flow targets (DSO).
- Monitor and reprot on Business Unit financial performance.

Job Requirements:

- Professionally registered engineer in South Africa (PrEng)
- Acknowledged leadership role in industry
- Member of South African and regional professional engineers association