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    ABSTRACT: Herein we present an algorithm for controlling LTI processes using an adaptive sampling interval where the controller at every sampling instant not only computes the new control command but also decides the time interval to the next sample. The approach relies on MPC where the cost function depends on the control performance as well as the cost for sampling. The paper presents a method for synthesizing such a predictive controller and gives explicit conditions for when it is stabilizing. Further it is shown that the optimization problem may be solved off-line and that the controller may be implemented as a lookup table of state feedback gains. The paper is concluded with a numerical example.
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    ABSTRACT: Strategic capacity planning is a core activity for the Hunter Valley Coal Chain Coordinator as demand for coal is expected to double in the next decade. Optimization and simulation models are used to suggest and evaluate infrastructure expansions and operating policy changes. These models require input data in the form of shipping stems, which are arrival streams of ships at the port, together with their cargo types and composition. Creating shipping stems that accurately represent future demand scenarios has been a time-consuming and daunting challenge. We describe an optimization-based decision support tool that facilitates and enhances this process, and which has become an integral part of the company׳s work flow. The tool embeds sampling to enable the generation of multiple shipping stems for a single demand scenario, employs targets, and desirable and permissable ranges to specify and control the characteristics of the shipping stems, and uses integer programming in a hierarchical fashion to generate shipping stems that best meet the set goals.
    Computers & Operations Research 01/2015; 53:54–67. DOI:10.1016/j.cor.2014.07.016
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    ABSTRACT: Abstract In today's healthcare system where technical instruments and test results are used to implement care it is easy to lose the human aspect of nursing. Personal interaction can get lost and nurses sometimes miss humorous attempts made by patients. Humour is a very personal concept, what one person thinks is funny does not necessarily make another person smile, or might even be hurtful. Humour is an important communication tool for patients as it humanises the nurses, creates a bond and opens communication lines. Humour has the potential to change the hospital experience for patients. The aim of this paper is to highlight the importance of humour in the therapeutic relationship between patient and nurse. Semi-structured interviews were held with four registered nurses and narrative inquiry was used to analyse and present the findings because of its ability to capture human interaction and experience.
    Contemporary nurse: a journal for the Australian nursing profession 12/2014; 46(2):197-205. DOI:10.5172/conu.2014.46.2.197


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