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    ABSTRACT: Reservationless computer communication networks based on the best effort paradigm are no longer capable of providing the quality of service necessary for the new generation of computer communication services, such as voice, video and multimedia services. These new services and their users have very different communication needs, and must not be treated equal by the communication system. Quality of service (QoS) specification on a per communication service basis, and quality of service guarantee by reservation-oriented communication systems are the key solutions for the support of new age information systems. QoS specification requires service characterization based on a set of QoS parameters that, on one hand, is rich enough to accommodate service and traffic dynamics and, on the other hand, is simple and flexible enough to allow the implementation of an efficient reservation policy. QoS guarantee by reservation-oriented communication systems can only be achieved by the deployment of new congestion control functions that can prevent service degradation and -based on a quantification scheme -be used to evaluate the network in terms of QoS performance and available capability.
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    ABSTRACT: Poly(brilliant green) (PBG) and poly(thionine) (PTH) films have been formed on carbon film electrodes (CFEs) modified with carbon nanotubes (CNT) by electropolymerisation using potential cycling. Voltammetric and electrochemical impedance characterisation were performed. Glucose oxidase and uricase, as model enzymes, were immobilised on top of PBG/CNT/CFE and PTH/CNT/CFE for glucose and uric acid (UA) biosensing. Amperometric determination of glucose and UA was carried out in phosphate buffer pH 7.0 at -0.20 and +0.30V vs. SCE, respectively, and the results were compared with other similarly modified electrodes existing in the literature. An interference study and recovery measurements in natural samples were successfully performed, indicating these architectures to be good and promising biosensor platforms.
    Talanta 12/2014; 130:198–206.
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    ABSTRACT: An experimental study on the fire behaviour of cold-formed steel lipped channel (C) and built-up I (2C) slender columns with restrained thermal elongation is presented. The studied parameters were the stiffness of the surrounding structure, type of cross-section, end support conditions and initial applied load level on the columns. The results showed that increasing the stiffness of the surrounding structure and initial applied load level for the semi-rigid support conditions and both cross-sections, lead to a significant reduction of the critical temperature whereas for the pin-ended support conditions the reduction is supposed to be smaller.
    Thin-Walled Structures 12/2014; 85:1–14.


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