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    ABSTRACT: The knowledge structures and reasoning processes that underlie the use of external representations (ERs) in individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) are not well understood. This paper compares the organisation of knowledge of ERs in young people with a diagnosis of ASD and an age-matched typically developing control group. ASD and non-ASD participants (twenty-eight in each group) were given an untimed ER card-sorting task. The ERs were based on representations used in educational software, for example graphs, charts, and text. Cluster analysis of the card sort task revealed similar clusters for both groups: maps, drawings, text, graphs and charts, and network and tree diagrams. However, comparison of the card sorts of the two different groups showed a difference in 'basic level' categories. While in the non-ASD group, maps and non-maps were the most distinctive category, analysis of the ASD cluster revealed, in addition, another 'basic level' category of textual representations. These results are discussed in relation to theories of information processing in autism. Our ultimate research aim is to develop educational software tailored to the specific needs of users with ASD. We wish to use our research results to inform requirements for the development of such educational software, in which ERs are able to support differences in information processing for individuals with ASD.
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    Algae for Renewable Energy; 11/2014
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    ABSTRACT: The copper(II) xanthate Cu(S2COEt)2·TMEDA (1) (TMEDA = N,N-tetramethylethylenediamine) has been synthesised and is the first structurally-characterised xanthate of copper in the + 2 oxidation state. 1 has an octahedral cis, cis, cis-ligand arrangement about the metal, in which xanthate chelation is markedly asymmetric. Both bulk thermal decomposition and film growth by aerosol-assisted chemical vapour deposition (AACVD) using 1 as precursor lead to the formation of Cu2S.
    Inorganic Chemistry Communications 11/2014;


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