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    ABSTRACT: Tracheal reintubation is a common event in critical care. Elmer and colleagues provide the first comparison of complication rates of initial and subsequent reintubation(s) during the same hospitalization. Their work shows an increased risk of complications associated with reintubation, in particular hypoxemia and hypotension, reminding us to be cautious with patients having minimal reserve and potentially altered airway anatomy. See related research by Elmer et al.,
    Critical Care 03/2015; 19(1). DOI:10.1186/s13054-015-0841-9
  • 104th Annual Meeting of the; 02/2015
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    ABSTRACT: Carbonic anhydrase IX (CAIX) protein has been correlated with progression and survival in patients with renal cell carcinoma (RCC). The prognostic value of CAIX in RCC however, remains inconclusive according to published works. This study aimed to analyze CAIX as a biological marker to predict RCC patient prognosis. A literature search of the PubMed and Web of Knowledge databases was performed to retrieve original studies from their inception to December of 2013. Fifteen studies, collectively including a total of 2611 patients with renal cell carcinoma, were carefully reviewed. Standard meta-analysis methods were applied to evaluate the prognostic impact of CAIX expression on patient prognosis. The hazard ratio (HR) and its 95% confidence interval (CI) were recorded for the relationship between CAIX expression and survival, and the data were analyzed using Review Manager 5.2 software and Stata software 11.0. In patients with RCC, low CAIX expression was associated with poor disease-specific survival (HR = 1.89, 95% CI: 1.20-2.98, P = 0.006), unfavorable progression-free survival (HR = 2.62, 95% CI: 1.14-6.05, P = 0.02) and worse overall survival (HR = 2.03, 95% CI: 1.28-3.21, P = 0.002). Furthermore, low CAIX expression was significantly associated with the presence of lymph node metastases (odds ratio (OR) = 0.31, 95% CI = 0.15-0.62, P = 0.0009) and distant metastases (OR = 0.66, 95% CI = 0.46-0.96, P = 0.03) and predicted a higher tumor grade (OR = 0.41, 95% CI = 0.31-0.54, P<0.00001). Low CAIX expression most likely indicates poor prognosis in RCC patients. Moreover, low CAIX expression was significantly associated with unfavorable clinicopathological factors. To strengthen our findings, further well-designed prospective studies should be conducted to investigate the role of CAIX expression in RCC.
    PLoS ONE 11/2014; 9(11):e114096. DOI:10.1371/journal.pone.0114096


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    Toronto, Canada
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