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    ABSTRACT: The pathophysiologic consequences of transfusional iron overload (TIO) as well as the benefits of iron chelation therapy are best described in thalassemia major, although TIO is increasingly seen in other clinical settings. These consequences broadly reflect the levels and distribution of excess storage iron in the heart, endocrine tissues, and liver. TIO also increases the risk of infection, due to increased availability of labile iron to microorganisms. The authors suggest that extrahepatic iron distribution, and hence toxicity, is influenced by balance between generation of nontransferrin-bound iron from red cell catabolism and the utilization of transferrin iron by the erythron.
    Hematology/Oncology Clinics of North America. 08/2014; 28(4):683–701.
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    ABSTRACT: Hippocampal place neurons not only represent current location, but fire in sequences that appear to simulate past and future spatial trajectories. A recent study has found that the firing sequences match the structure of a complex maze, suggesting that the structure of the environment is encoded by the place system, perhaps to aid navigational planning.
    07/2014; 24(14):R643–R645.
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    ABSTRACT: Little is known about the relationship between HPV vaccine uptake and other risk factors for cervical cancer. This study aimed to measure the association between vaccine status and cervical cancer risk factors in adolescent girls. Girls (15-16 years) from the first two cohorts to be offered routine HPV vaccination in the NHS immunisation programme completed a survey 3 years post-vaccination. Recruitment took place at 13 schools in London. Of 2768 girls registered in Year 11, 1912 (69%) took part and provided analysable data. Questions assessed vaccine status, demographic characteristics, smoking status, sexual behaviour and intention to attend cervical screening. Overall, 78% had completed the three-dose vaccine course. There was no association between vaccine status and smoking behaviour or sexual experience. In adjusted analyses, girls from black or 'other' ethnic backgrounds were less likely to be fully-vaccinated than those from white backgrounds. Those with low intentions to attend cervical screening were less likely to be fully vaccinated than those with high intentions. Efforts will be needed to ensure that unvaccinated women understand the importance of cervical screening when they reach the age that screening begins. Ethnic inequalities in vaccine coverage need to be explored further.
    Vaccine. 06/2014;


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