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    ABSTRACT: Solar cells, used for space applications, are exposed to energetic particles such as protons and electrons. The energetic particles create defects in the active region of the solar cell and the latter performance can be severely degraded. One of the phenomenons observed in Silicon solar cells exposed to 1 MeV electron irradiation is type inversion of its active region. This behaviour is numerically simulated using the SCAPS software. The current-voltage characteristics of a Si n+-p-p+ structure are calculated under AM0 for different fluences of 1MeV electrons. It was found that, amongst the many defects created, only one of them is responsible for type inversion. It is a minority trap that is an electron trap in the p-type base of the n+-p-p+ solar cell.
    Energy Procedia 12/2014; 50:139–146. DOI:10.1016/j.egypro.2014.06.017
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    ABSTRACT: This paper introduces an efficient planning strategy using new hybrid interactive differential evolution (DE), adaptive particle swarm optimization (APSO), and pattern search (PS) for solving the security optimal power flow (SOPF) considering multi distributed static VAR compensator (SVC). Three objective functions such as fuel cost, power loss and voltage deviation are considered and optimized considering sever loading conditions. The main idea of the proposed strategy is that variable controls are optimized based on superposition mechanism, the best solutions evaluated by DE and APSO at specified stages are communicated to PS to exploit new regions around this solution, alternatively the new solution achieved by PS is also communicated to DE and APSO, this interactive mechanism search between global and local search is to balance the exploitation and exploration capability which allows individuals from different methods to react more by learning and changing experiences. The robustness of the proposed strategy is tested and validated on large practical power system test (IEEE 118-Bus, IEEE 300-Bus, and 40 units). Comparison results with the standard global optimization methods such as DE, APSO PS and to other recent techniques showed the superiority and perspective of the proposed hybrid technique for solving practical power system problems.
    Energy Conversion and Management 11/2014; 87:338–350. DOI:10.1016/j.enconman.2014.06.090
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    ABSTRACT: A series of ten Schiff bases was synthesized by condensation of salicylaldehyde and substitueted anilines. The acid dissociation constants (Ka) of salicylideneaniline and methyl- , chloro- and nitro- substitued salicylideneanilines have been determined in ethanol-water and dioxan-water binary mixtures (60%(v/v)) by a spectrophotometric (UV-VIS) method at constant ionic strength and at 25°C. The calculated acidity constants, pKa values were evaluated in protonation-deprotonation mechanism. in order to investigate the effects of substituent on the acidity of hydroxy Schiff bases ; the applicability of the Hammett equation to the results in two systems of solvent was discussed.
    Arabian Journal of Chemistry 04/2014; 26. DOI:10.1016/j.arabjc.2014.04.002


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