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    ABSTRACT: Objective to describe the victim profile and circumstances of transport accidents involving children and adolescents who were attended at a teaching hospital in the southern zone of the city of São Paulo. Methods this was an individual observational case series study among patients up to the age of 19 years who were attended at a hospital in the southern zone of the city of São Paulo, state of São Paulo, Brazil, due to traffic accidents. The files notifying suspected or confirmed cases of violence and accidents (SIVVA files) covering January to December 2012 were analyzed. Results among the 149 cases notified, 64.4% related to males and 35.6% to females. The transport accidents were predominantly among males, irrespective of age. The main injury diagnoses were superficial head trauma (24.8%) followed by multiple non‐specified trauma (36.4%), in both sexes. Conclusion transport accidents among children and adolescents occurred more often among males. The main transport accidents among the children and adolescents attended as emergency cases were caused by motor vehicles and motorcycles. Among the accident victims, the largest proportion was attended because of being run over.
    Revista Brasileira de Ortopedia 07/2014;
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    ABSTRACT: Objetivo descrever o perfil das vítimas e as circunstâncias dos acidentes de transporte ocorridos com crianças e adolescentes atendidos em hospital-escola na Zona Sul da cidade de São Paulo. Métodos trata-se de um estudo individuado observacional de tipo levantamento de casos, com pacientes até 19 anos, que foram atendidos por acidentes de trânsito em hospital na Zona Sul da cidade de São Paulo, estado de São Paulo, Brasil. Foram analisadas as Fichas de Notificação de Casos Suspeitos ou Confirmados de Violência e Acidentes (SIVVA), de janeiro a dezembro de 2012. Resultados entre os 149 casos notificados, 64,4% correspondem ao sexo masculino e 35,6% ao feminino. Os acidentes de transporte são predominantes no sexo masculino, independentemente da idade. Os principais diagnósticos de lesão foram o trauma superficial da cabeça (24,8%), seguido por trauma múltiplo não especificado (36,4%) em ambos os sexos. Conclusão os acidentes de transporte entre crianças e adolescentes foram maiores no sexo masculino. Os principais acidentes de transporte entre as crianças e os adolescentes atendidos na urgência foram ocasionados por automóveis e motocicletas. Entre as vítimas de acidentes a maior parte foi atendida por atropelamento.
    Revista Brasileira de Ortopedia (English Edition). 01/2014;
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    ABSTRACT: To determine the free surface displacement of resin-composite restorations as a function of the C-Factor, volume and substrate stiffness, and to compare the results with interfacial stress values evaluated by finite element analysis (FEA). Surface displacement was determined by an extensometer using restorations with 4 or 6mm diameter and 1 or 2mm depth, prepared in either bovine teeth or glass. The maximum displacement of the free surface was monitored for 5 min from the start of photoactivation, at an acquisition rate of 1 s(-1). Axisymmetric cavity models were performed by FEA. Structural stiffness and maximum stresses were investigated. For glass, displacement showed a stronger correlation with volume (r = 0.771) than with C-Factor (r = 0.395, p < 0.001 for both). For teeth, a stronger correlation was found with C-Factor (r = 0.709; p<0.001) than with volume (r = 0.546, p < 0.001). For similar dimensions, stress and displacement were defined by stiffness. Simultaneous increases in volume and C-Factor led to increases in stress and surface displacement. Maximum stresses were located at the cavosurface angle, internal angle (glass) and at the dentin-enamel junction (teeth). The displacement of the restoration's free surface was related to interfacial stress development. Structural stiffness seems to affect the shrinkage stress at the tooth/resin-composite interface in bonded restorations. Deep restorations are always problematic because they showed high shear stress, regardless of their width. FEA is the only tool capable of detecting shear stress due to polymerization as there is still no reliable experimental alternative.
    Journal of dentistry 11/2013;


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