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    ABSTRACT: The nitroderivative 1-nitro-2-phenylethane (NPE) was recently described as a compound possessing heme-dependent soluble guanylyl cyclase (sGC) stimulating properties in vascular smooth muscle cells. In this study, we tested such pharmacological property of NPE in mice pancreatic acinar cells subjected to the bile salt taurocholate, a type of pathological stimulus that simulates pancreatitis. Here, isolated acinar cells were treated with NPE in order to assess the role of sGC on the detrimental effects induced by taurocholate. NPE reduced taurocholate-elicited Ca(2+) overload, production of reactive oxygen species (ROS), apoptosis, necrosis, and exerted a protective effect against mitochondrial membrane potential (ΔΨm) dissipation. These NPE-induced effects were abolished by pretreatment with ODQ and KT 5823, and after the blockade of nitric oxide (NO) synthase with L-NAME, inhibitors of key components of the sGC pathway. Contrarily to cGMP that alone increased ΔΨm collapse and cell damage, the cytoprotective effect of NPE on ΔΨm and cell necrosis was almost reproduced by 8-nitro-cGMP, a second messenger generated by sGC under oxidative stress conditions. In conclusion, putative sGC stimulation with NPE reveals its cytoprotective profile on pancreatic cells subjected to taurocholate. Moreover, ROS and NO conjunctly appear to drive sGC activity in pancreatic acinar cells to implement an adaptive mechanism in response to oxidative and Ca(2+) stress through 8-nitro-cGMPsynthesis.
    Biochemical pharmacology. 08/2014;
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    ABSTRACT: Methyl cinnamate (MC) is a safe flavoring agent useful to food industry. Although chemically analogue to tyrosine kinase inhibitors, there is little information regarding its biological actions. Here, we aimed at assessing the MC effects on gastrointestinal contractility and the putative involvement of tyrosine kinase in the mediation of these effects. Isometric contractions were recorded in rat isolated strips from stomach, duodenum and colon segments. In gastric strips, MC (3-3000µM) showed antispasmodic effects against carbachol-induced contractions, which remained unchanged by either L-NAME or tetraethylammonium pretreatment and occurred with potency similar to that obtained against contractions evoked by potassium or U-46619. In colon strips, MC was four times more potent than in gastric ones. MC and the positive control genistein inhibited phasic contractions induced by acetylcholine in Ca(2+)-free medium, an effect fully prevented by sodium orthovanadate. Both MC and genistein decreased the time necessary for gastric fundic tissues to reach 50% of maximal relaxation. In freshly isolated colon myocytes, MC decreased the basal levels of cytoplasmic Ca(2+), but not the potassium-elicited cytoplasmic Ca(2+) elevation. Colon strips obtained from rats subjected to intracolonic acetic acid instillation showed reduced contractility to potassium, which was partially recovered in MC-treated rats. Inhibitory effect of nifedipine against cholinergic contractions, blunted in acetic acid-induced colitis, was also recovered in MC-treated rats. In conclusion, MC inhibited the gastrointestinal contractility with a probable involvement of tyrosine kinase pathways. In vivo, it was effective to prevent the deleterious effects of colitis resulting from acetic acid injury.
    European journal of pharmacology. 07/2014;
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    ABSTRACT: Number theory is an abstract mathematical field that has found a fertile environment for development in theoretical physics. In particular, several physical systems were related to the zeros of the Riemann-zeta function. In this work we present the theory of a quantum circuit related to a finite number of zeros of the Riemann-zeta function. In some sense, the existence of such circuit is a step toward the realization of Hilbert-Pólya suggestion in a finite dimensional space.
    Physics Letters A 02/2014;


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