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    ABSTRACT: In this paper we investigate statistical entropy of a 3-dimensional rotating acoustic black hole based on generalized uncertainty principle. In our results we obtain an area entropy and a correction term associated with the noncommutative acoustic black hole when λ introduced in the generalized uncertainty principle takes a specific value. However, in this method, it is not needed to introduce the ultraviolet cut-off and divergences are eliminated. Moreover, the small mass approximation is not necessary in the original brick-wall model.
    Physics Letters B. 04/2014; 737.
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    ABSTRACT: To prolong the post-harvest life of agricultural products, one alternative is water removal. Pineapples, for instance, can be peeled, cut into pieces and dried. Conventional drying is an expensive operation due to the phase change of the water from liquid to vapor. Thus, a pretreatment such as osmotic dehydration is normally used. The main objective of this article is to describe the osmotic dehydration of pineapples cut in a cubical configuration, using the three-dimensional analytical solution of the diffusion equation and an algorithm optimization. Three models were proposed to describe the experiments with two concentrations of the solution of water and sucrose: 40 and 70 °Brix. One model that used several terms of the series that represents the analytical solution with boundary condition of the third kind well described the kinetics of water and solid migration, and enabled to predict the mass distributions at any given time.
    LWT - Food Science and Technology. 01/2014; 55(1):1–8.
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    ABSTRACT: This article aimed at studying drying of products with cylindrical shape, using an apparent liquid diffusion model, with coupling between mass and heat at surface of the product. Model includes variable thermo-physical properties and shrinkage. The one-dimensional diffusion equation in cylindrical coordinates, with boundary condition of the third kind (i.e., convective boundary condition), was discretized by means of the finite volume method with a fully implicit formulation. The proposed solution can be used to determine thermo-physical parameters, via optimization technique, and also to simulate water migration and heat transport. Developed software was applied to describe convective drying of whole bananas. Three experiments were carried out at average drying air temperature of 47.9, 58.6 and 66.9 °C, enabling to determine the thermo-physical properties as well as to simulate the process of heat and mass transfer. The statistical indicators of the simulations made it possible to conclude that, for the three experiments, the proposed model well describes the involved processes.
    Journal of Food Engineering. 01/2014; 141:65–73.


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    Campina Grande, Brazil
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