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    ABSTRACT: In this paper we investigate the existence of positive solutions for the quasilinear Schrödinger equation: −Δu+V(x)u−Δ(u2)u=g(u),−Δu+V(x)u−Δ(u2)u=g(u), RNRN N⩾3N⩾3 g V
    Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications. 01/2014; 416(2):924–946.
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    ABSTRACT: The main metal-oxide surge arrester are usually monitored by measuring the total leakage current and decomposing it into a capacitive component and a resistive component. However, these techniques present some limitations which make their implementation in the field quite difficult. This paper describes a monitoring technique based on classifying the harmonic characteristics of the leakage current. Self-organizing maps have been used in the classification process. Several station classes arresters were tested in the laboratory and their leakage current signals were recorded. Six different types of artificial imperfections were created in the arresters in order to assess the technical capability to discriminate arresters operating under different field conditions. The self-organizing maps are able to identify defective arresters with certainty of almost 98%. The results show that the technique is feasible for monitoring the condition of metal-oxide surge arresters.
    Electric Power Systems Research 01/2014; 108:315–321.
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    ABSTRACT: To prolong the post-harvest life of agricultural products, one alternative is water removal. Pineapples, for instance, can be peeled, cut into pieces and dried. Conventional drying is an expensive operation due to the phase change of the water from liquid to vapor. Thus, a pretreatment such as osmotic dehydration is normally used. The main objective of this article is to describe the osmotic dehydration of pineapples cut in a cubical configuration, using the three-dimensional analytical solution of the diffusion equation and an algorithm optimization. Three models were proposed to describe the experiments with two concentrations of the solution of water and sucrose: 40 and 70 °Brix. One model that used several terms of the series that represents the analytical solution with boundary condition of the third kind well described the kinetics of water and solid migration, and enabled to predict the mass distributions at any given time.
    LWT - Food Science and Technology. 01/2014; 55(1):1–8.


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    Campina Grande, Brazil
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